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Odds and ends

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 Last week I took a Finance test that was nothing worse than the worst test of my entire life. That’s not an exaggeration or hyperbole in any way. I thought I was adequately prepared. I had done fairly well on the first test. I thought I had a good idea of what to expect. And then I walked in…and got slaughtered. A lot of us did. There simply were more problems than could be finished in the alloted 75 minutes. Many people echoed similar sentiments. Usually some people finish early and leave, some have time to check over their answers when done and turn it in at the end, and others are working feverishly right down to the wire. This was a test where everyone was scrambling until the end. The curve is going to be low, so in a relative sense, things may not be as horrible as the raw scores would indicate – but that’s not really good enough for me. I don’t like having to rely on the curve to save me. I’ve never left a test more frustrated in my life. No more tests until finals…just two extensive group projects (Marketing and Leadership to contend with).

Let’s respond to some fan mail:

My uncle Henry, after demonstrating an almost uncanny command of V’s MySpace site, wrote the following:

Is that good or bad that anyone with access to the “net” can know you? I’m not sure. 

After recent events that have made my friend Elizabeth an unwitting celebrity within the advertising industry, I’m going to say that it’s a bad thing if you’re not careful about it. My poor former agency…they have fallen hard and fast…it’s really a shame (see link):

Sadly, uncle Henry and aunt Sharon didn’t land the coveted prize of becoming the first family members to meet the lovely V and thus will have to settle for merely I alone at Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, Kelly Pickler (presumably not the American Idol songstress….to be fair, I don’t watch American Idol so I wouldn’t know if it really was…I’m just assuming it’s not) asked the following:

Do you sing? You look like Vince Gill.

Hmm….this shall require a two-part answer…

Part 1…I do sing but not professionally and not well at all. It’s usually confined to the shower and my car (as evidenced by the Sirius feature) to spare others. But sometimes I’ve been known to butcher a karaoke sing or two. Such songs I’ve massacred over the years include but are not limited to:

– “Careless Whisper”

– “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”  Performed live at Jules Tavern earlier this year. 

– “La Bamba” (Duet with Matt “Father” Kelly)

– “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (Duet with Jaime Dart)

Part 2….I look like Vince Gill. I have heard this over the years from many different random people, including some random girl I met in a hallway of the one of the dives I lived in while at Penn State (don’t ask). I’m going to say I’ve heard it 5-6 times total and it cracks me up every time. I guess it’s not such a bad thing…it’s apparently not an insult from what I gather. Because I’ve been told I resemble other people that do veer into insult territory. The Vince Gill thing, I can see. But these others? Not so much. To wit….the other celebrities I’ve been told I look like:

– Dustin Hoffman.  This made me want to punch the person in the face. Really? Dustin Hoffman now? Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate? Tootsie era? Is any of that good?

– Al Gore. This was from an American bartender at an Irish pub in Madrid. Uh…don’t really see that one either.

– Pee Wee Herman / Paul Reubens. I’m just not even going to comment  here. I have nothing.

Why not Danny DeVito while we’re at it? Or Tom Petty? Or the evil preacher in Poltergeist II?

At any rate, this week, as an added bonus, we’re including a sidebar from none other than my old man, Mike Baird…apparently he’s decided to get in on the blogging act. Take it away, my good man:

Thursday at my night class…one of my students proudly showed off her ankle bracelet as she was under house arrest. She thanked me for providing her with away out of the house. Seemed like a bad episode of My Name is Earl.

 Friday I was in Greenville to see John Manganello…I had to take a detour as their was a plane crash at the Greenville airport. Some idiot trying to fly an experimental one seater  got in trouble and he tried to land it on Jamestown Road…..splash..boom. One less idiot in Greenville…Peter does this qualify as a blog?

Quote of the Week: “We worry so much sometimes it feels like all we do. But in the end it just gets washed away.” – Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco)

Random Song(s) I Heard on Sirius That Had Me Singing Along Out Loud: 

1) Hall and Oates, “Private Eyes”

2) UB40, “Red Red Wine”

3) George Harrison. “Got My Mind Set On You”


Way behind right now…

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This is little more than a interim posting. I promise a more “proper” posting later in the week that contains all of the obligatory diversions and tangents that make this blog such a treat to write. There is much to discuss and expound upon at length for no particular reason other than for my own catharsis.

Anyway, there’s a Finance test tomorrow that I need to get my act together for and a Finance case study on Thursday and numerous readings in Leadership and Marketing to get caught up on. Thanksgiving break is somehow next week…as crazy as everything has been, it’s hard to believe that in little over a month I’ll have a month off for Christmas break. Finally…a chance to get serious about the internship search, which has seemingly been as long as delayed as Chinese Democracy.*

That’s it for now…expect more later this week. We have more comments from devoted readers to address and apparently my old man is getting in on the blogging act as well.

Abbreviated (yet thematic) sign-off:

Quote: “You met me a very strange time in my life.” – Jack (Edward Norton), Fight Club

Song –  The Pixies, “Where Is My Mind?”

* For further reading on the great Axl Rose and the absurdly entertaining saga that is Chinese Democracy, please follow the link to: