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Casting and Finance

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First off, I have to say that I loved that Tina Fey mocked TGI Friday’s on the recent episode of 30 Rock…and anyone who is even remotely acquainted with me knows why. It’s not as if I needed any more fuel to my long-standing crush on the lovely, enchanting Tina Fey. On study breaks, I’ve been alternating between Seinfeld Season 7 on DVD and catching up missed episodes of 30 Rock on  The writing (mainly Ms. Fey) is so sharp on 30 Rock, and the legendary Alec Baldwin is immortal as Jack Donaghy.

Tomorrow is my Finance final and it is quite fitting that the sole remaining obstacle left before descending into six weeks of George Costanza-like “decompression” is Finance. There are a number of fellow students in my class that are going to take more classes in Finance, major it and light up Wall Street someday. I am decidely not one of those students. Before I started forging ahead with  my plans to get a full-time MBA (almost two years ago, incredibly) I harbored a lingering suspicion that there would be a math class or two in any major business school curriculum that could destroy me. And I was right….I am badly miscast for Finance. Marketing….that I am lighting up. But that’s what I should be doing in Marketing. Finance, on the other hand, is far from a strength….it has been a street fight.

But no matter….because the bell has just rung on Round 15. At this time tomorrow I shall be in the fair city of Philadelphia, with little to no responsibilities or cares in the world. In fact, I likely won’t be back in DC for a solid three weeks. It’s been a long semester and I’m not far enough removed to give a complete assessment at this point. I think that’s a function of burnout. I feel like I should do some sort of “Year in Review” / “Best and Worst List” / “Taking Stock of the Year that Was” thing. But that will have to wait for another day…I really should probably stop watching the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in HD and do a bit more Finance. But then again….I’ve been hammering away at Finance the last several days,  trying in vain to get to a point where I can get through it alive tomorrow and I don’t know if any more work will do any good. I really don’t think anything else will be revealed at this stage in the game.

I finally watched Less Than Zero last night….how had I never seen this movie? It deviated sharply from the book. The casting of the movie was in equal parts dead-on and absymally wrong. As brilliant as the immortal Robert Downey Jr was as Julian – I cannot imagine anyone more appropriate for that role, to the point where it begs the question of how much of his real life he was drawing upon – the casting of Andrew McCarthy as Clay was terrible. Anyone but Andrew McCarthy would have been a significant upgrade…he lacked the gravitas and depravity needed to pull off the role. Even still, his part was poorly written…it was nothing like the character of Clay in the book. And much was lost by not having an internal voice-over for Clay…or did they just omit this entirely because it would have sounded stupid coming from Andrew McCarthy? Anyway…that’s two big misfires when it comes to Bret Easton Ellis film adaptions. I won’t even get started on how badly American Psycho was botched, because I could write endlessly about how poorly one of my all-time favorite books was translated to the big screen….it still bothers me. In fact, I can’t believe I just wrote as much as I did about Less Than Zero. I suppose I’m trying to avoid Finance.

Go Browns….we’re one step closer to a playoff berth….incredible. Who in their right mind could have seen that one coming?

Well, back to Finance (for real).  I haven’t seen V in three weeks and my family in two months….and that’s just way too long on both fronts.

Song: “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”  John Lennon. Hmm…still relevant some 35 years or so later.


(Note: Before I list the quote, a brief preamble…basically, this is probably the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me. It was later explained to me that 1) the dog had a cataract, which accounted (?) for its eye being so strangely reversed (which it was) and 2) the girl who uttered this quote likes to mix prescription drugs and wine, which would theoretically account at least in part for its absurdity. And yet….she did not seem to be intoxicated or slurring her speech when she said this. And it wasn’t a joke…she was quite serious when she uttered it. Anyway, this occurred Friday night in some DC “mover and shaker” bar, the type of which I almost never frequent if I can at all help it….)

“I found my dog in the desert in the middle of the night. It was as if he came off a spaceship. I’m going to get his eye reversed.” – Anonymous blonde girl w/ a dog in her purse


Against the wall

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If I lead a wicked life, I know without question that I will be spending all of eternity in group meetings. For that, my friends,  is my own personal concept of hell. I’m lucky in some aspects with my groups…the fellow students I’ve teamed up with are capable and motivated. I can’t stress enough the importance of how you go about picking your teams…it’s not something that should be done carelessly or just by picking the people sitting next to you. The more diverse that your team’s composition is in background and work experience, the better off you will be for it. Group meetings just wear on me after a while, especially when you seemingly have one for a couple hours a night every night. There are two major group projects (Marketing and Leadership) bearing down at the same time and I’m just feeling pretty run down by it. One of the positive outcomes is that I’ve been exercising more….I feel like I need to counteract the effects of spending way too much time on my laptop behind closed doors with classmates discussing minor, obscure details of arcane projects that will only be relevant for the next few days.

Finals loom perilously close on the horizon. Both Statistics and Finance are cumulative finals, and neither figures to be easy to prepare for. I’m getting a start on studying now, as of this afternoon no less…I really don’t feel like I have any other choice. A machine has been installed in the grad lounge that dispenses Pepto, Tylenol and Advil thanks to some fine work by Paul Rodriguez….could anything be symbolic of what’s to come over the next two weeks…headaches, ulcers, stress.

Song: “Modern Love,” David Bowie (duet with V). 

Quote: Just do yourself a favor…follow the below link and spend 10 minutes watching this video. It will be the best 10 minutes of your day. So much of life is wasted discussing irrelevant things with uninteresting people…we all take so much for granted. I’m really trying to get better at this…but I’m not sure you ever really get there 100% until you have no other choice otherwise. I’m not ashamed at all to say that I cried watching it earlier today: