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Awards / Best and Worst of 2007

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It’s been a while since I last checked in, yet school is still two weeks away as of this writing. The first semester of my business school experience was ridiculously busy when it was in full swing, but once the semester ended…I found myself with nothing to do. This was great at first, but has gotten really old at this point. I’m currently in the midst of researching summer internship opportunities. Basically, I’d like to stay in the Mid-Atlantic region…DC, New York, Philly. Spending the summer in New York would be an incredible thing; it’s not where I want to land post-graduation, but three months would be just about right. 

On with the long-overdue Best and Worst list:

Favorite class: Marketing. It is what I want to do with my life after all.

Least favorite class: Finance. I got out alive (i.e., with a ‘B’). This was by no means easy or assured.

(Note: The above fulfills my obligation to say something pertaining to the Robert H. Smith School of Business and its MBA program. Things get decidely off-topic, obscure and outright weird from this point forward.) 

The Jeff Oswald “You’ve Hung Around Too Long…We’ve Asked You to Go Home Nicely A Couple Times, But Now We Have No Choice But To Get A Bit Violent” Award:

With great sadness, this award goes to an actual lifelong hero of mine…Joe Paterno. We’re going to be 9-4 or worse for as long as he remains. If we lose Terrelle Prior to Michigan, I may just break down and cry. Let us move on and speak no more of this.

Best ’80s Comeback: Rick Astley. “Rick Rolling” is apparently an Internet phenomenon, both Brian Griffin and Dennis Reynolds are superfans, and he’s prominently featured on the latest mix CDs from both V and myself.

The Uday Hussein Memorial Man of the Year Award:

This “illustrious” award has been given out by me for quite sometime now. It goes to the person who made the strongest negative contribution to society and culture in large during the recent calendar year. For context, the initial winner was Jeff Gillooly. Other past winners include Tom Cruise, Phil Spector, the DC sniper, and Joe Jackson (the patriach of the Jackson family and “beloved father” of Michael Jackson…decidedly not the famed White Sox player denied the Hall of Fame despite hitting .375 in a World Series he purpotedly threw OR the ’80s New Wave singer of such classics as “Stepping Out” and “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”). The Man of the Year award can even be given to a woman….as when it was awarded to Nichol West in 2004 (wow, that’s really horrible of me).

The competition was tight…there were a ton of strong candidates and who could have foreseen the late surge from Jamie Lynn Spears? Alas, Spears’ highly commendable work was only good enough for runner-up. Because when the dust cleared, there was no question that the Man of the Year  for 2007 is Brian Jackson of Pittsburgh. The link will explain who he is and why he wins:

Girlfriend of the Year:

1) V___

In a two-way  for second place / last place / eternal irrelevance:

L__ and A___

Top 5 Albums:

1) Manic Street Preachers, Send Away the Tigers. A brilliant return to form for one of my all-time favorite UK bands. No one in the US outside my brother knows who they are. Acquaint yourself with them, you will thank me for it later.

2) Ghostland Observatory, Paparazzi Lightning. This may have actually come out in 2006, but no matter….this is a band you need in your life. 

3) Radiohead, In Rainbows. They can do no wrong…they are as ingenious at marketing as they are musically gifted.

4) The National, Boxer. Solid from start to finish. The singer sounds a lot like Ian Curtis. So if you like Joy Division, get involved here.

5) Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga.   Leaves you wanting more. But don’t go see them live (more below).

Best two movies I saw: There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men. Both are masterpieces. Daniel Day-Lewis is electrifying in the former, Javier Bardem is chilling in the latter.

Best 5 concerts I saw:

1) Ghostland Observatory, Emo’s, Austin

2) Morrissey, The Backyard, Austin

3) Bloc Party, Stubbs, Austin,

4) The Police, Giants Stadium, Jersey

5) Ephraim Owens Quintet, Elephant Room, Austin

Worst concerts I saw:

Spoon, The Electric Factory, Philly. V and I were both really looking forward to this and it ended up being a big disappointment. They didn’t have any real command or presence…we were both pretty well bored. They should just stick to the studio. 

Dave Matthews Band, Star Lake, Pittsburgh. The last two times I saw him prior I was less than impressed. But after this, I wouldn’t go see him again. Even Matt DiGioia, easily the biggest Dave fan I know, was in agreement. The set list was terrible and they just didn’t seem as tight as I recalled them being some 7-8 years ago.

Min Siblings Who Fail to Understand My Ongoing Infatuation With Tina Fey: 2 (out of 2 polled). I should’ve asked my uncle Barry his thoughts over Christmas, as that could put it at 3 out of 3. Although, Jason “The Genius” Heflin did concur with me, so I have that going for me, which is nice. I seek no validation when it comes to Ms. Fey…I just find it humorous.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2008….The Last Year Of My 20s:

– Not having 4 quantitative classes in the upcoming spring semester.

– Culture, Ethics and Communication. I may hate this, I may love this…but it’s going to be really interesting either way.

– A potential Radiohead tour this summer. You are either aware that they’re the greatest live band on the planet…or you haven’t seen them live. I’ve seen them three times…the first show was with my brother in 2001, we were in the 4th row at the Blossom Music Center outside Cleveland, and it was the best live concert I’ve ever seen by far. I walked away thinking that not only was Radiohead the best band in the world right now, they just might be the best band ever. Big talk, I know…but they truly were that amazing.

– A potential Led Zeppelin reunion tour this summer. I would likely write Plant and Page a blank check.

– Bloomberg in ’08. He can’t win, but it’s the only way to start enacting change. I will refrain from further pontification.

– Saturday, May 3. Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY.

Song: “Never Gonna Give You Up”  Rick Astley

Quote: “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” – Mark Twain