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The good word

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The often-frustrating process of interviewing for a job that lasts a sum total of 12 weeks will conclude tomorrow. Following a full day of interviews yesterday, a major global power tools company located north of Baltimore called me around 5 to offer me a summer internship. The money and the opportunity (in that order) are both very attractive. I have at least one interview with a major CPG company tomorrow morning; if I make the second round, it goes down in the afternoon. I really don’t see how I could turn down the company I presently have the offer from. But you know, sometimes in life we all have to make tough decisions:

It’s good to know I’m done with interviewing for a while. It takes the pressure of worrying about potentially having to resort to bartending this summer off. Laugh if you must, but that’s where my head was until yesterday. Even better, the position at said company (even though it’s obvious, I will wait until accepting the offer to confirm their identity) is in new product development…it’s essentially exactly the kind of project I was looking for this summer. In fact, I don’t even think I can or should mention what that project is. So obviously, I’m really excited about it.

I watched “The Wicker Man” last night – the original with “The Equalizer” and the great Christopher Lee, not the Nic Cage remake. It’s easily the weirdest movie I’ve seen in some time; some of the scenes and characters are among the most bizarre ever put to film. The plot twists were completely unexpected. For some reason, I’m currently into odd movies where strangers find themselves in seemingly sleepy villages in the pastoral British countryside where “all is not as it seems.” A little Wiki research after the movie revealed that the screenwriter is the same guy who penned “Sleuth” – another timeless classic of ’70s British filmmaking.

Mid-terms are in two weeks – the schedule has been somewhat cracked and in a weird state of flux, but I fully expect everything to be closed out on that front by 3/14. Every class I’m currently in wraps up except Culture, Ethics & Communication, which I can’t even bring myself to discuss in this blog…you have no idea what that class has cost me and how it annoys me. But I digress…I have no choice. Accordingly, I’m heading to V’s for a weekend that will be equal parts relaxing (we have a plethora of Netflix movies to watch) and not relaxing (it’s my friend T’s birthday, and the celebration figures to be problematic knowing the crowd that will be involved).

Song: “Safe From Harm,” Massive Attack

Quote: “Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.” – George Orwell


Culture, alienation, boredom & despair

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This week, I’ve picked an intentionally ridiculous title (a Manic Street Preachers lyric no less) solely to provide humor for my beloved parents. They seem to think this blog veers into areas a bit more dramatic than someone male, middle class, white and in the first year of business school has license to travese. They may very well have a point.

But I am tired of interviews. No offers yet, but I have the sense that something is going to break soon. Or at least that’s the idea. I interviewed this week with McCormick’s, Chase, Campbell’s and Hershey’s – and that’s less than what some people had. On Wednesday, I’m heading up to Black & Decker’s HQ for a full day of interviews. Friday is Kraft.

(NB: This section removed at the request of a nameless individual who possesses more tact and better judgement than I do.)

Classes are going well, despite all the non-academic distractions swirling around me.  I do need to wrap myself around my Digital Markets presentation this weekend, but that won’t be happening tonight. Presently I’m watching LeBron James and the Cavs (GM Danny Ferry made a bold move yesterday by getting Sczerbiak and Big Ben Wallace. I don’t know if it’s the right move, but he needed to pull the trigger on something. It will be interesting to see what happens here).  I also have a slew of movie recommendations from V and am going to go with “Straw Dogs” later on; it’s from the early ’70s, stars Dustin Hoffman (a figure discussed in previous posts as a suggested lookalike of mine; I disagree on that point, but there’s no questioning his acting skills), and V has described it as similar to “A Clockwork Orange.” It’s hard to believe I’ve never heard of this movie…should be interesting.

Song:  “Reckoner,” Radiohead

Quote: “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” – Sir Winston Churchill


The kid starts to crack….

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It’s been a while..I apologize for that. The thing is (as the title indicates), I’m already starting to crack. I didn’t think it would all be this out of control three weeks into the spring semester. My friend T (as with the others who curiously and damningly elect to be a part of my close group of friends, I will protect her name to spare the innocent) has listed at the top of her MySpace page: “I’m losing my mind…pull me back in.” Well, I can identify with that…

What’s making things so nuts? I’ve got a lot of summer internship interviews going on. This is in equal measure a great thing and a maddening thing. Each interview (obviously) requires a ton of preparation. And when they all pile up one after the next, it can get pretty crazy quickly. Two weeks ago, I had a mock interview with Campbell’s (which apparently went well) and last week I interviewed with the Washington Post (which I though went well, but actually didn’t). A interview a week is not a big deal…so, at this point I’m cruising along, things are normal. So I interviewed with Pepsi on Monday afternoon. This went so well that they are flying me up to the corporate HQ in upstate NY tonight for a full day of interviews tomorrow. I’ve been preparing a lot for this since I found out and it still doesn’t seem like enough.

Thanks to Pepsi, I get to spend Valentine’s Day with a good pal of mine from back when I was gainfully employed. It should be a truly “romantic” evening of beer (2 tops…have to be at Pepsi at 8:15),  steak and old stories. As for the real Valentine Day, it has been more or less observed in large part. Someone (I dare not say who…) wanted to get their gifts early….

Early next week is where it really gets crazy. I have interviews with McCormick’s and Chase Cards on Monday and a final interview with Campbell’s on Tuesday. I can’t lie…it would be really wonderful to spend the summer in Philadelphia for reasons well aware to anyone who reads this blog even intermittently. We’ll see…there’s a lot of ways things could go. If it plays out that way, then so be it…but at this point, where I’ll be spending my summer is completely up in the air.  

How do I know I’m starting to crack? Note that all of this revolves around things NOT pertaining to classwork and studying. Yesterday I got dressed up but forget to wear a belt…so I walked around looking like a clown all day. And when I got to my locker in the grad lounge, I found that I had left my Digital Markets binder sitting out all night. This morning, I walked out of my apartment building with my suitcase, but without my notepad that included all my Pepsi interview prep materials and had to turn around for it. These are not normal things, even as far as my ridiculous life goes.

But I get back to DC tomorrow at 6:22. V should be here around 7:30, at which a part a relaxing weekend will commence. That’s right…I did indeed say “relaxing”…I need it right now. The only scheduled event is a luau with some of Adams-Morgan’s finest that figures to be a great scene.

Aside….Breaking Bad is the best show on TV presently…regardless if the stupid writers resolved their crybaby strike or not. It’s absolute genius and I urge anyone not watching it to check it out. 

Another aside….Ghostland Observatory – a favorite band of this column – is playing the 9:30 Club on 3/29. These guys are nothing short of incredible…the lead singer is something of a mix of Anthony Kiedis and Freddie Mercury (yes, ponder that for a second.) The only other guy in the band plays keyboards/syntheizer while wearing a cape and vampire fangs. You may not see a better show this year. Alas, I cannot make the show…it’s V’s birthday weekend (aka The Best Weekend Ever). No matter…these guys will be back; I am certain of that fact, they are just starting to take off…

Song: “I Saw the Light,” Todd Rundgren

Quote: “I’ve been shifting gears all of my life, but I’m still the same underneath…this you surely knew?”  – Steven Patrick Morrissey.