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Strange days have found us

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I’m a bit distracted this week….a close friend of mine is going through absolute hell in his personal life. I’m not going to go into any of it here, but nobody deserves what M now has to deal with. It’s quite obviously a fallacy to believe that life is fair, but this is a guy who truly deserves far better. 

Midterms finished up a mere two weeks ago, but it seems like an eternity since I’ve had to do anything even resembling hard work. It’s hard to get a read just yet as to what the second half of the semester will exactly involve. Soon enough, school is going to break for the year, which is both strange and somewhat incomprehensible to me. It was a spring break well spent in Pennsylvania and (briefly) in South Jersey…V and I watched a ton of quality basketball, a couple great movies, a few crappy ones. And as always, we ate really well. 

Of random interest: I’ve been growing a beard the last three weeks partly because I can and partly as some sort of fourth-rate act of defiance. I’ve never really played around with excess facial hair, this despite my affinity for the smooth sounds of 70s Yacht Rock, and I’m rather enjoying it. 

Something else of interest: I’ve signed up for a case competition (my first) with a pretty sharp group of individuals. It’s through the National Society of Hispanic MBA Association and figures to be a highly rewarding experience on the whole – it’s extracurricular activities such as this that make the MBA experience worthwhile. I got involved in a competition earlier this year that ended in a baffling, anticlimatic fashion – this figures to be far different.

Maybe I’ll amend this post later…my heart’s just not in it right now. My thoughts are with my friend M and on how to make a certain someone’s birthday weekend exceptionally special.

Song: “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us,” Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

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The midpoint

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Not too terribly much to report this week. I got my Econ final out of the way last night and I feel pretty good with how it went. It was a lot of writing, but that’s always been a strength of mine. Accounting looms ahead of me omniously though…that’s Friday at 2:30 pm. On the plus side, it is the last that I will ever have to deal with accounting for the rest of my life. As such, I’m anticipating a sense of euphoria similar to that as to when I exited my Finance final a few months ago.

The days are noticeably getting longer and summer is not that far off. I have to say that it wasn’t a bad winter at all in the DC area. Didn’t know how I was going to handle winter again after a bizarre two years in Texas with only two seasons (“Hot” and “Somewhat less hot”). But it was pretty mild – especially being in constant contact with my brother and parents on what NW Pennsylvania continually dishes out weatherwise.

I wish we could discuss Eliot Spitzer in Ethics class tomorrow, but I’m sure it will be something arcane about the theatre that I’ll tune out (theatre students don’t have to take business courses….yet I am required to take a theatre course, which makes a ton of sense) or some boring speaker that I’ll tune out. Besides, why would discuss something relevant and meaningful that has practical application? Usually, Ethics is a great opportunity to catch up on the New Yorker, but tomorrow will be needed for Accounting studying.

This post was really boring…I’m sorry. I can’t believe I sunk to discussing the weather…how very trite. I think I’m somewhat checked out for Spring Break. I like that it involves Atlantic City…it’s going to be a ridiculous little diversion next Tuesday.

Only 2 1/2 weeks until The Best Day Ever….

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Quote (contributed by V): “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” – George Bernard Shaw


Operation Shutdown

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I really think only people who follow and suffer with the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to get the title of this post. A quick Google search will suffice to enlighten others…

It’s time to officially shut down the interviewing junket I’ve been on the last month or so. The internship search is officially over as of 3 pm yesterday. I ended up going with the position I discussed last week and I think it’s going to be a great fit for me. I was actually still interviewing as late as yesterday afternoon. I may yet receive up to two more offers yet or I may not get any more…under any scenario, it is too late to turn back at this point. I had to make a call on the one offer I already had, and I just wasn’t comfortable with rolling the dice on potentially other offers where I had a sure thing with “a global power tools company located north of Baltimore” that I knew I’d be completely happy with. The irony of me marketing something this summer I don’t even have a perfunctory level of competence with is not lost on either myself or my father. But hey….in a time when V has me cooking, let’s run with it.

Something of a odd aside: I had to turn down an interview with PBS. I knew I wouldn’t take it. I love PBS and everything they do and stand for, but I know they wouldn’t be able to pay me what I’m looking for in a summer internship. Quite bluntly, that’s not what I came back to business school for. And thus, the last strands of the idealistic liberalism I once possessed dissipated into a thin air. The faint notion that I would some day do some good for the world has died a quite death, ignored by nearly everyone including myself, and will rest in an unvisited grave.

We had a big presentation the other day in my Digital Markets class about internet television, specifically Joost. It was by far my favorite group experience that I’ve had at Smith yet. That’s not to knock the other groups I was in….I just really liked the minimal amount of time spent in meetings. I find long, pointless meetings insufferable and inexcusable, yet rampant and widespread. When we did meet, it was efficient and to the point. Everybody reliably got their work done on their own. We didn’t start two months before the presentation and we weren’t up until 4 am the night before. We struck a solid balance between these two extremes, which is rare.

Midterms are next week, followed by Spring Break, which inexplicably lasts two weeks for reasons known only to a select administrative few. I’m not complaining and neither is anyone else I know in the program. My spring break will be celebrated in the tropical climate of Pennsylvania (primarily in Philly, to the surprise of no one) and possibly the borough of Manhattan.

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