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Back from hiatus

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Two hiatuses, really.

I’ve been on semester break since the middle of December. As for this blog, it’s been down since early November due to technical difficulties I’ve never fully understood. But no matter…onward and upward.

This semester, I have only one priority. Sounds easy enough, but this priority will consume the large majority of my time and there is no alternative. That, of course, is getting a job. I graduate in May and presently much is uncertain. The state of the US economy is not an acceptable excuse for not accomplishing this. Putting that aside, it is I and I alone who must make this happen.

I have a scant 10 credits this semester. For the first half of the time, this works out to class Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and every other Friday. School at this point is little more than a formula; it’s not that grades matter on any level real or perceived, but I find myself doing less work and achieving higher marks. The classwork becomes a rhythm you find when you need to; gone are the late nights and high stress of 1st semester.

The high stress is focused on the job search. There’s a large void facing me four short months now; it is as yet undetermined where I will be living and what I will be doing. This is both a crisis and opportunity. It wasn’t like anyone was going to hand me a job, regardless of the external circumstances. It just means I have to push myself that much harder and raise my game that much more.

Here’s what else has been going on:

I turned 30 just over a week ago, an event V and I celebrated this with an amazing couple days in Miami. This was the plan all along: to graduate at 30 with my MBA with a new career. I have never put my stock in birthdays, and turning 30 fazed me very little, if at all. But it did remind me of what I initially set out to accomplish by going back to school – and of what I need to now do to finish out strong.

I went to the Inauguration the other day with a few friends from Pittsburgh. It was a mad scene, and there’s little I can write than hasn’t been covered ad nauseaum in other media vehicles, but it did make me very grateful to live in a city where I could take advantage of seeing this event.

I’ve started swimming a couple times a week – it’s time to whip myself back into some semblance of shape.

Weddings a plenty this year – 4, maybe 5, each in a different city. I’m in two of them, which certainly keeps things interesting. It kicks off in March with V’s brother’s wedding in Birmingham.

Really, the only thing that matters is getting a job….I can’t stress that enough.  Everything else involving school is little more than trite. From uncertainity, I will find clarity.

Quote – “It is the dull man who is always sure, and the sure man who is always dull.” – H.L. Mencken

Song – “God”  John Lennon