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We eat kids

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I’m typing up this entry, trying to think of a title, and sure enough I see Testudo on PTI. Maryland basketball and Mike Tyson…sure, why not?

Classes started back up again the other day. This is it – the final lap of my academic career. But that’s just a peripheral issue. Papers and presentations – it all seems like background noise. I might be less happy when team meetings get fired back up again soon, but for now, things are well.

I wish I had something else to write about as opposed to not having landing a job yet – but to be quite honest about it, I don’t. This is what consumes me. I’m going to have to network my way into something – the school is here as a sounding board, but I’m not counting on them for anything else. In October – October – I had more interviews than I knew what to do with. But nothing came out of this multitude of interviews – and that is ultimately on me. There is a good career prospect that seems to be developing for me up in Philly, but it is too early to speculate as to whether it will lead to a concrete offer. And I certainly don’t want to jinx it. I just have to put my head down, keep working, and make it happen for myself.

Go Kentucky hoops tonight…I would love to see a Penn State-Kentucky NIT Final Four showdown. Bragging rights with V and her family would be on the line if this happens.

Pirates baseball 2009….it could be a historic year. If setting an all-time sports franchise record for futility with a 17th straight losing season is your idea of history.

But all that aside, this article is downright bizarre:

In other news, some fans are bigger than others….

Song:  The Band “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”

One of my friends recently revealed that he was moved to tears by this song while re-watching The Last Waltz…however, he’s never lived south of the Mason-Dixon line. I’m not sure what this means.

Quote:  ‘“[W]hen you leave school finally you will find that life is a game, sometimes serious, sometimes fun, but a game that must be played with true team-spirit . . .” – Shelagh Delaney

I can’t lie… I just wanted an excuse to quote Shelagh Delaney.


Ouija board?

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Would you, ouija board
Would you help me ?
And I just cant find
My place in this world

Oh, it’s not that bad. In fact, I remain optimistic.

Some people go to exotic and tropical locales for spring break; I go see the great, inimitable, perpetually maudlin Morrissey in concert twice (Richmond, Pittsburgh). Viva Morrissey.

And visit my parents in Erie. And hang out with friends and family in Pittsburgh. And watch as much of the NCAA tournament as possible in Philly with my girlfriend, who – as I love to note – takes off of work for it.

If I had something of note to report on the job front, I’d post it here. But I don’t. I am meeting some interesting people and having some great conversations about start-ups and established companies alike. Yet nothing resembling a concrete job offer is on the table at present.

Everybody I talk to thinks that they are the ones who possess the SILVER BULLET. However, I do appreciate all of the advice and suggestions. Until it is done, keep them coming.

Song: “Walk on Water”  Eddie Money   This is a tribute to some good friends who are going to see this fabled performer at the Wheeling Island Racetrack tomorrow night. The show is purportedly sold out?


 “News is something someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising.” – Lord Northcliffe

“The good old days are good and gone…and that’s why they’re good, because they’re gone.” – Loudon Wainwright