Jobseekers Anonymous

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Not much has changed from two weeks ago, as should be apparent from the title.

I had what I felt to be a pretty sold interview a week and a half ago – now it is a matter of waiting to hear whether there will be further interviews with that specific company. I do have a few other leads, and I’m pursuing them vigorously. Still, the pressure is definitely building. The goal is to get something lined up by Spring Break. This objective is becoming more difficult as each week passes, but is still something I’m shooting to accomplish.

Career Servies has set up a job search group that is actually quite helpful in terms of setting priority and direction. It’s a great resource to take advantage of, and yet another reason why to go to business school. (True, it’s one I wished I didn’t have to take advantage of.) There are only 3 in our group (1 has dropped out of the group, having secured an offer), but other groups have as many as 16 members. I like the small group size – more personal attention / feedback. We (the group members) joke that it’s something of a 12-step group.  So it goes like this:

“I’m Pete and I’m unemployed.” 

“HI PETE” (group in unison).

Well it doesn’t really do down like that….but it’s not that far from the truth.

School keeps plodding along. I don’t have any work or projects of any significance to deal with in the present or immediate future.

It’s off to Alabama next week for V’s brother’s wedding. This figures to be a highly enjoyable time down in the Deep South.

The song and quote this post come from a gentleman who released his ninth solo album last week. It’s one of his best in years.

Song: Morrissey  “Something Is Squeezing My Skull”

Quote: “You have to, at least from a distance, look as if you know what you’re doing , and I can manage that.” – Steven Patrick Morrissey