Apr 122013

One thing I remember about my undergraduate experience as a Journalism major is how little difference there was between my required courses and my electives. The electives available at the journalism school generally built upon the skills learned in the core courses. So, my journalism electives had names like “Feature Writing” and “Advanced Editing.”

Required tools for "Creativity for Business Leaders" include crayons and an anti-stress ball. (Photo / Peter Haldis)

Required tools for “Creativity for Business Leaders” include crayons and an anti-stress ball. (Photo / Peter Haldis)

However, so far in my MBA experience there has been a vast difference between the core courses and the electives I’ve taken. The core courses, whether quantitative or qualitative, are primarily aimed at building skills, whether that’s calculating a company’s operating profit or determining what a company’s future strategy should be. It’s all based in systematic thinking.

But the electives I’ve taken have enabled me to exercise intuitive thinking. The most prominent of these courses is Creativity for Business Leaders. So far in this course, we’ve created name tags using crayons; constructed mascots for our class teams; designed advertisements for fictional businesses, such as pet dating websites; and searched for inspiration from magazines we’d otherwise never read. My choices for the last assignment were “Dive Training,” a magazine for beginning scuba divers, and “Quilter’s World,” “the magazine for today’s quilter.”


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