Oct 092013

Much of the first year as an MBA student at Smith is focused on building skills. Thus, most of the cases you study in your first year are about well-known global and U.S. companies. But now that I’m in my second year, I’m being asked to apply the skills more broadly. This is most apparent in the only MBA core course I’m currently taking: The Global Economic Environment.

In this course, you get to apply your business thinking to variety of global economic and geo-political situations, from the German inflation crisis in the 1920s to the current issues facing the emerging economies in Brazil, Russia, India and China. The cases we’ve studied have ranged from depressing (South Africa) to surprising (Malaysia).

After next week, I’ll be finished with The Global Economic Environment and, thus, essentially finished with my MBA class work. I’ll continue working on my two Smith Experience classes through the remainder of this fall and winter, but otherwise the rest of my coursework will be in the Public Policy school.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the policy school works on a semester schedule, while the Robert H. Smith School of Business operates under a term schedule. Thus, although I’ll be wrapping up The Global Economic Environment in a few days, the rest of my classes will remain the same until winter break.

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