May 102013

Yesterday was my final class of the first year of my MBA program. So far I’ve taken 13 classes for 26 credits: Introduction to Financial Accounting, Data Models and Decisions, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Leadership and Teamwork, Managerial Economics and Public Policy, Strategic Management, Managerial Accounting, Managing Digital Business Markets, Operations Management, Creativity for Business Leaders, Consumer Behavior and Understanding Organizational Change.

To complete my MBA-MPP dual degree program, I need to take an additional 40 credits. I’ll be able to knock out three of those credits this summer when I take my first policy course, Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis. Next fall, I’ll take my final MBA core course, The Global Economic Environment, and four more policy course, Political Analysis, Moral Dimensions of Public Policy, Public Management and Leadership, and Foundations of Social Policy. I’ll also likely be taking my first three-credit course as part of The Smith Experience. (I will find out about Smith Experience offers on Monday.)

It’s possible that, except for the six credits of The Smith Experience I need to take, The Global Economic Environment could be my last MBA course. The MBA-MPP program includes a total of 66 credits, and I must take at least 30 in each program. Adding the nine additional MBA credits I need to take to the 26 I have already completed puts me at 35, leaving 31 for my MPP degree. One variable: It’s possible that one of my Smith Experience programs could count towards the MPP Project Course I am required to take, or vice versa. If it’s the former, then it’s very unlikely I’ll be taking any additional MBA courses because I’ll need to take an additional MPP course to reach 30 credits. If it’s the latter, then I may have room to fit in an additional MBA elective that catches my eye.

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