Student Spotlight – Enrico Clarke

Quickfire Questions

Name: Enrico Clarke
Year: Second
Campus: Shady Grove
Company: Fannie Mae
Hometown/Current Town:  Germantown, Maryland
Alma Mater: University of Maryland
Family/Pets: Mom, dad, two brothers and two sisters
Favorite Baltimore Area Restaurant: Chipotle
Favorite Baltimore/D.C. Area Tourist Destination: National Mall
Favorite Travel Destination: New York and Dubai
Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad
Favorite Movie: The Dark Night
Favorite Song/Artist: Jay – Z
Currently Binging on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon: The Office, but desperately waiting on Game of Thrones to return
Dream Job: A Dallas Cowboys Executive
What’s your Guilty Pleasure? What can’t you live without? Cheesecake especially Juniors in NYC

Let’s Get to It

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? I am a big University of Maryland advocate. A majority of my family are Terps, so I want prospective students to feel the same type of enthusiasm for the school. Being a Smith double Terp makes it a little easier to lend a helping hand to new students because of my years of Smith knowledge.

How do Ambassadors, particularly in Shady Grove, support the PTMBA program at Smith? We support admitted students by answering their questions and concerns. We also allow prospective students to shadow us as we attend our classes.

What are some of the main differences between going to UMD for undergrad and grad school? The grad school class sizes are much smaller and a little more personable. Being in a humongous lecture hall sometimes give you that little fish in a big pond feel, but you don’t actually experience that here. Faculty and staff are more accessible.

Can you discuss how you will use your MBA in your career? My MBA will help propel my career. A majority of the directors at my company have advanced degrees so this will assist me in getting to a higher level. I have also gained a strong network within my cohort. More importantly, it will help to enhance my professional as well as management skills.

Can you go into specifics on how you will use your MBA at Fannie Mae? Are you hoping to advance in your career at Fannie Mae or make a career change? My MBA will definitely help me to advance in my career. The plethora of finance courses that I have taken has proven to be very beneficial. A lot of the concepts that I learned in my capital markets class apply directly to my day to day. The qualitative courses such as the leadership ones will also be beneficial since they enhanced my managerial skills. This type of knowledge will be vital at the next stage of my career.