Student Spotlight – Jyoti Sardana

Quickfire Questions

Name: Jyoti Sardana
Year: Second
Campus: Shady Grove
Company: NFLPA (National Football League Players Association)
Hometown/Current Town:  Silver Spring, Maryland
Alma Mater: University of Maryland
Family/Pets: Mom, dad, two brothers, two nieces, two nephews and two sister-in-laws
Favorite Baltimore Area Restaurant: Cava
Favorite Baltimore/D.C. Area Tourist Destination: The National Aquarium in Baltimore
Favorite Travel Destination: Dubai
Favorite Book: The Alchemist
Favorite Movie: 13 Going on 30
Favorite Song/Artist: Female – Beyonce & Male – Bruno
Currently Binging on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon: Desperate Housewives – no judgment please…I’m a few year late
Dream Job: NFLPA – I actually started in mid-March when I left my former job at Morgan Stanley
What’s your Guilty Pleasure? What can’t you live without? Brownies

Let’s Get to It

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? I wanted to help prospective/admitted students as they transition back into a school. It isn’t an easy process, so I wanted to lend a helping hand. I’m also a track Rep for my Shady Grove campus, so I thought becoming an Ambassador would be a good opportunity for me to put myself out there even more.

How do Ambassadors, particularly in Shady Grove, support the PTMBA program at Smith? We attend information sessions, Super Saturdays, and call admitted students congratulating them on getting into the program.

What are some of the main differences between going to UMD for undergrad and grad school? The social events of course! When I went to UMD for undergrad, it was hard to know everyone because the school was so big. Grad school is a bit smaller, so it’s easier to get to know everyone as well as really get involved in the program.

Can you discuss how you will use your MBA in your career? I feel as though my MBA has allowed me to grow on a personal level as well as a professional level. I’m more confident in my abilities, and I will definitely use it in my career. Networking is also very important, and I will definitely take that with me as I further my career. Networking allowed me to land my dream job at NFLPA. Last, but not least, I will take all the information that I have learned in class and apply it to my career at the NFLPA!

How was it searching for a new job during the middle of a MBA program? And how has the transition been to your new position? It was a bit difficult just with working and attending classes but Career Services is amazing and helped with the transition! I was able to update my resume and have a mock interview with Career Services so I definitely think that helped. The transition has been great at my new job!