Student Spotlight – Mark Costello

Quickfire Questions

Name: Mark Costello
Year: Second
Campus: Baltimore
Company: Ryerson
Hometown/Current Town:  Sycamore, Illinois
Alma Mater: Northern Illinois University
Family/Pets: Mom, Dad, one sister, and two brothers
Favorite Baltimore Area Restaurant: Anywhere that serves brunch
Favorite Baltimore/D.C. Area Tourist Destination: Fort McHenry in Baltimore
Favorite Travel Destination: Kyoto, Japan (opportunity to visit during the program!)
Favorite Book: The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker
Favorite Movie: Shaun of the Dead
Favorite Song/Artist: Such a tough question; love music! Bands I am really into right now: Mastodon, Greta Van Fleet, and Highly Suspect
Currently Binging on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon: My Business Law Textbook; it is a real page turner.
Dream Job: A judge on Chopped or to become Anthony Bourdain’s successor
What’s your Guilty Pleasure? What can’t you live without? Mimosas

Let’s Get to It

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? I am proud to be a Smith Ambassador and want to help support the UMD brand. When my cohort mistakes me for being a “double terp,” I take it as a compliment.

How do Ambassadors, particularly in Baltimore, support the PTMBA program at Smith? As Ambassadors, we help provide a resource to incoming/prospective PTMBA students. It is a big decision to make and hopefully we are there to help answer some of the questions surrounding the program.

Have you volunteered to support the PTMBA program in previous capacities? If so, how? Also, What advice do you have for students who are hoping to get involved within the PTMBA program? Yes, I made the decision to be more involved in grad school than I was in undergrad. I am a Baltimore Track Rep for my cohort and have attended many networking, career development and social events. Meeting students from other cohorts is a great way to get involved and it opens up doors.

What have you learned so far as an Ambassador that can be valuable for your classmates to know? I have learned how much actually goes into the admission and selection process. UMD has a vast network and I am happy to be a small part of it.

How do you manage to attend various events and meet people at all the campuses given that you are based in Baltimore, since many students at all of the campuses find it difficult to venture outside of their home campus? Students at the other campuses were extremely welcoming which made me want to attend more events to meet different students. The opportunities are there if you are willing to take advantage of them. Gotta rep Baltimore!

Can you tell us about your recent experience in Singapore and Japan through the Global Studies Program? I had an amazing time during the global studies trip to Asia. Singapore is an unbelievable place that has been able to accomplish so much growth, while Japan is beautiful country with such fascinating culture.

Would you recommend that other students take part in the program, in particular this trip? What surprised you the most about your trip? I would recommend everyone take advantage of one of the global studies programs if possible. I expected Tokyo to be similar to any other international city, but the traditional Japanese culture is still very pronounced in the city. I was surprised by how patient the Japanese were in dealing with us. I was also surprised with what Singapore has been able to do in terms of planning and development with such limited space and resources.