Student Spotlight – Michelle Vivoli

Quickfire Questions

Name: Michelle Vivoli
Year: First
Campus: Baltimore
Company: Textron Systems
Hometown/Current Town:  San Antonio, Texas
Alma Mater: The University of Texas at Austin
Family/Pets: Mom, Dad, one sister, and I have a dog back home in Texas named Carly
Favorite Baltimore Area Restaurant: Pappas – for crab cakes
Favorite Baltimore/D.C. Area Tourist Destination: Shopping in Georgetown
Favorite Travel Destination: Florence
Favorite Book: I’m going to have to go with favorite series, Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: Anything Disney
Favorite Song/Artist: I really just listen to the Top 40 on the radio
Currently Binging on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon: Shameless
Dream Job: To work for Disney
What’s your Guilty Pleasure? What can’t you live without? I have a major sweet tooth! I cannot live without cupcakes or cookies

Let’s Get to It

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? I was really looking for a way to get involved at Smith. When I was presented with this opportunity it sounded fun and a great way to share my experiences with prospective students.

How do Ambassadors, particularly in Baltimore, support the PTMBA program at Smith? As Baltimore Ambassadors, we assist with class observations and show the prospective students around the campus, attend info sessions and help answer questions they have.

Have you volunteered to support the PTMBA program in previous capacities? If so, how? Also, What advice do you have for students who are hoping to get involved within the PTMBA program? As a first year, I spent my first semester adjusting to my schedule change, and getting to know my cohort. I have attended events hosted at the Baltimore campus, as well as, the PTMBAA social events. For students hoping to get more involved, I would say to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to us! It is a great way to learn something new or meet someone new.

What have you learned so far as an Ambassador that can be valuable for your classmates to know? I learned more about the admissions process, and that Smith accepts the best candidates! We should all be proud to be Terps!

Do you feel that the MBA program is helping you achieve that goal and how? I’m currently considering a career change. I work in IT, and one reason I wanted to get my MBA was to make the transition into a more business-focused role. I am still deciding what specific path I want to pursue, but I know an MBA will help me determine and prepare for the role I want to pursue.

What other programs and/or activities are you looking forward to most for the rest of your MBA program? What programs have you enjoyed most thus far? I am looking forward to going on one of the Global Experience trips! I studied abroad during undergrad, and it was such an incredible experience. I know I want to do it again. Overall, I really have enjoyed getting to know my cohort. Our cohort bonded pretty quickly and going to happy hour with everyone is always fun. I’m excited for more shenanigans to come!