2014 – 2015 PTMBAA Board: Year in Review

Lucas Horne, 2014 -2015 PTMBAA President
Lucas Horne
2014 -2015 PTMBAA President

Dear Part Time MBA Students,

At the end of my tenure as your Part Time MBA President I wanted to give an update to the goals we set forth at the beginning of our term here.  I attempted to make this short, but failed miserably, so I’ll apologize up front for that.  It’s hard to be brief given everything our team has done this year, as it truly has been a great year with a lot of PTMBAA firsts.

In our collaboration with the Full-Time MBA Association we have taken a couple important steps.  In our mind one of the most important is that our team has led the effort to make Monte Carlo the cornerstone Smith master’s program social event of the year.  The effort paid off in spades as the attendees included EMBA, PTMBA, FTMBA, MS students and alumni from each program.  We also welcomed the Dean and many faculty and staff to the event, creating the most diverse social event that Smith has planned in years.

We have also established a precedent that FTMBA clubs should have at least one member on their board in order to receive PTMBAA funds.  This step was taken to ensure that clubs start networking with the PT community more in order to open the door to those resources for us.  I believe this effort will grow in the years to come, resulting in much greater opportunities for PTMBA students.

Our team has far surpassed what I thought possible in supporting me with our goals throughout the year, but they’ve all had great achievements of their own.  Rahul Shah has led 6 community service events, the most impressive of which was a competitive clothing drive which resulted in 550 winter garments for those in need.  Megan Allums has planned not only the first but also the second PTMBAA Golf Tournament, pairing PTMBA students with alumni, EMBA, and Smith Staff.  Winstonn Tubbs, despite graduating in winter, has consistently solicited feedback from students to improve the PTMBA communications ensuring students always receive the most relevant content.  He really did an amazing job revising the weekly emails and newsletters to make them cleaner and more visually appealing while actually packing in more pertinent information for the students.  His efforts were even recently recognized by the Dean, as they’ve requested to have a regular column in the newsletter to provide more information directly to us, so keep an eye out for that (and thank Winstonn)!

Lisa Derr has also contributed significantly in a way that I’m sure many of you appreciated.  She’s started a regular happy hour in DC to welcome us back to new terms, allowing us to let off some steam at Penn Social while networking with other students and even alumni that have showed up.  Scott Graham, in addition to his role as VP of Finance, actually spearheaded some awesome events including Smith @ the Park and the Boat Cruise.  You can also thank Scott for all the new Testudo’s on the campuses.  He worked with MPO for almost the entire year in order to help us feel like we’re part of the Terp community as we come in to class.  In fact, Scott loved the extra work so much he’s coming back for a second round as the new VP of Outreach for Shady Grove!  Drew Smith has also done a great job keeping Baltimore engaged, even going so far as to schedule a limo for students to come down to DC Monte Carlo.

I’m also proud of our team for collaborating so well on some joint events.  Patrick Yu, Megan, and Lisa did a great job planning the first Holiday Party to bring students from multiple campuses together before the holidays.  They really pulled off a great event despite budgetary constraints, hats off to them for that!

Last, but absolutely not least, I think Rembe Rodriguez has been an integral part of our team.  Not only has he helped me stay on track most of the year (not an easy feat in and of itself), he’s collaborated on most of the events throughout the year.  He’s even planned tailgates which he couldn’t attend.  I think our whole team would like to thank Rembe for his contributions throughout the year.

Throughout the year many of you have approached me to chat and many times “Hey” was preceded by “When are we getting our shirts?” with a tone I can only liken to Joffrey, from GoT.  Well, as often happens with temporary positions, at the very end of our tenure I’d like to announce that I’ve finally delivered on our campaign promise (the same cannot be said for Joffrey, I’m afraid).  With a huge amount of help from Rembe and Winstonn, we’ve opened a temporary site for PTMBA Donations that will, in return for your donation (and a small additional fee), provide students with apparel printed or embroidered with a casual Smith logo.  I hope you all order enough to last a long time, as we’re not sure when we’ll see the likes of it again!

I really do think we’ve accomplished a lot over this past year, and I want to thank all of you for providing me and our team the ability to serve on the PTMBAA board.  I would also like to thank all of you that served on PTMBAA committees, as I know many of you provided an unmeasurable amount of value to us all.  I’m hoping that the strides we have made will serve as building blocks for future boards and in time create a stronger and more united Smith MBA program.

Lucas Horne is the 2014-2015 President of the PTMBAA and a 2015 MBA Candidate. After graduating from Lynchburg College in 2009, Lucas began working for Freddie Mac as an accountant. In this role Lucas developed and led multiple initiatives, including the deployment of a $.6 million+ new software development project and the development and implementation of two corporate-wide leadership development programs. Lucas also led a $7 million+ financial software upgrade before transitioning into a new role as a Systems Analyst where he leads multiple pieces of a $10 million+ software upgrade. In his spare time Lucas enjoys exercising and relaxing with his friends.