2015 Winter Study Abroad

By Lauren Beilin, Program Manager, Office of Global Initiatives

During winter break of 2015 the Robert H. Smith School of Business will be sending over 100 full-time and part-time MBA students on global business programs led by Smith faculty to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Santiago, Chile, and to Singapore and Tokyo. By participating in a short-term program abroad, students will be able to apply discipline-based knowledge acquired in the classroom to solve real-world problems faced by companies in a global business environment. The faculty-led short-term Global Business Programs are a 4-credit Smith Experience course series that are open to all 2nd year full-time and part-time MBA students. These programs include:

  • On-campus courses that prepare students pre-departure and upon re-entry
  • On-site company visits
  • On-site applied learning that will help students to immerse themselves into the host culture both within and outside of the business realm
  • Opportunities to collaborate effectively with people in or from a different cultural environment, specifically in negotiation, conflict resolution, management, and teamwork.

The short-term global business programs each have a different academic focus and travel to a wide variety of destinations. Students choose programs based on opportunities to develop expertise in their field of interest and based on the opportunity to network with colleagues, faculty and international company executives in their field. Also during the travel component of the program, through experiential and applied learning, students will have opportunities to immerse themselves into the host culture – for example by taking a cooking class to learn about local cuisine, participating in a service-learning project, or doing micro consulting with local students in the host city. Each Spring the Office of Global Initiatives announces the new program topics and destinations, which are subject to change each year.

Where are students going this Winter break?

Santiago, Chile – led by Professor Bennet Zelner with a focus on Chilean companies and their domestic and global expansion strategies.                                                                     Highlight: Visit to Kingston Vineyard where students will discuss export and marketing strategy for an entrepreneurial vineyard.

United Arab Emirates – led by Professor Hassan Ibrahim with a focus on mega-project management in the Middle East.                                                                                                     Highlight: Visit to the Ministry of International Cooperation and Development and the large real estate developer in Dubai, Nakheel Properties.

Singapore & Japan – led by Professor Martin Dresner with a focus on examining the similarities, strengths, and potential trouble spots for both Singapore and Japan’s economies.                                                                                                                                               Highlight: Visit the Singapore Stock Exchange and alongside MBA students from Waseda University in Tokyo, a visit to Walmart Japan. For more information visit the Office of Global Initiatives website. For questions please contact Lauren Beilin, Program Manager, at lbeilin@rhsmith.umd.edu