PTMBAA Warm Clothing Drive Recap

  #1 Shady Grove Campus                                           #2 Baltimore Campus

By Rahul Shah, VP of Community Development

This past November, the PTMBAA held a Warm Clothing Drive at all three satellite campuses. The objective was to collect warm clothes that would go on to benefit local families in need this winter. To make the donation drive more exciting, it was structured as a friendly competition among the cohorts! Each cohort had their own donation bin at their home campus. The cohort with the highest overall level of donations would be awarded $250 to their cohort budget, while the “Most Generous Cohort”, with highest average donations per student, would be awarded $100.

This initiative was a HUGE success and students contributed over 525 warm clothing items! This came out to 155 donations from DC, 180 from Baltimore and 190 from Shady Grove. Donation items included heavy winter jackets, light jackets, sweaters, blankets, gloves, hats scarves and more. These donations will no doubt go to those in need warm this winter, and more winters to come. Just think about how many hundreds of families will be more comfortable due to our student’s generosity.

Despite their size of only 29 students, the 1st Year Shady Grove cohort raised the most with a total of 119 donations! They also had the highest average donations, with 4.1 per student, and ended up sweeping the competition.

Due to the overwhelming participation, donations will be distributed to three wonderful organizations in order to hit the streets as quickly as possible – A Wider Circle, Community Touch, Inc. and Victory Outreach. All of these organizations have a proven track record of serving underserved communities all over Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. The PTMBAA will also be holding a community service event with A Wider Circle this January so that students can witness first hand how their donations are utilized.

The PTMBAA would like to thank all students, track reps and MPO staff for their support, participation and leadership throughout the competition.

Top 5 Cohorts! (Overall donations)

  1. Shady Grove 1st Year – 119 donations
  2. Baltimore 2nd Year – 94 donations
  3. Baltimore 1st Year – 78 donations
  4. DC M/W 1st Year – 38 donations
  5. Shady Grove 3rd Year – 37 donations

Top 5 Most Generous Cohorts!

  1. Shady Grove 1st Year – 4.1 donations per student
  2. Baltimore 1st Year – 1.39 donations per student
  3. Baltimore 2nd Year – 1.32 donations per student
  4. DC Saturday 2nd Year – 1.08 donations per student
  5. Shady Grove 3rd Year – 0.77 donations per student