State of the Union Address

UncleLucasBy Lucas Horne, Part-Time MBA Association President | 2014-2015

Dear Part Time MBA students, as your newly elected President, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know what the new Board is planning to accomplish over the next year. As many of you know my platform for running was based on establishing a new Smith ‘art’ that we can get printed to expand our Smith gear collections. I’ve been working with Smith Marketing in order to realize that vision.

I’ve also been working very closely with the Full-Time MBA Association President, Jamine Gallman, to make some drastic changes that will align our programs and ensure that we have the opportunity to share many of our resources in both directions. I believe they have a lot to offer us in terms of time availability for club and social events, but we also have a lot to offer them in terms of corporate connections and experience. If we can establish a two way street sharing all of these resources I think we’d all have a lot to gain from each other.

My Board has already been incredibly busy with other undertakings that would greatly improve our Smith experience. Scott Graham, our VP of Finance is working with myself and the Full Time VP of Finance to figure out how we can collaborate more closely to not only align social resources but financial resources as well. Winstonn Tubbs, our VP of Marketing is researching how we can communicate more effectively with students so that we’re all aware of events and opportunities as early as possible. Megan Allumns, our VP of Professional Development is working closely with the new satellite campus OCS staff to ensure we maximize their positive impact on each campus. Rahul Shah, our VP of Community Development is working with Smith’s Community Development resources to make their programs more readily available to us, the part time community. Drew Smith, Lisa Derr, and Patrick Yu, our VP’s of Outreach are on a new undertaking which involves building a clear path of communication from students all the way up to the PTMBAA and then to the Smith School when appropriate, something that hasn’t happened before. This will ensure that each of you has the voice you deserve, that your track reps know exactly how to communicate, and that we’re listening and responding appropriately to all of the students, not just those that are already close to the board.

2014 – 2015 will be a big year that I believe will present substantial positive changes. I am fortunate to have such a great and driven Board and I’m confident will get a lot done to improve the experience of the part time students. I think I speak for my entire Board when I say that we look forward to working both for and with the entire Smith community.

Lucas Horne is the President of the Part-Time MBA Association. As President, Lucas serves as a voice and sounding board for Part-Time MBA student concerns. He also works with University officials, MPO, and Centers as appropriate to represent student’s interest and ensure student’s voices are heard. For questions or comments, email Lucas at