Ask Julie: When will I get an Admissions Decision?

Julie Dellinger - 2015 headshotI submitted my application for the Part Time MBA program a month or so ago and I want to know when I’ll get an admissions decision.

For the Smith Part Time MBA program, we have three deadlines throughout the year, all for a Fall 2017 start. So, if you submitted your application before the first deadline, it will be reviewed after the deadline has passed.

This year our first deadline was January 23, 2017, so all candidates who submitted applications will be invited to attend the February 11th Super Saturday event (you can read more about Smith Super Saturday here). Admissions decisions for our first round will then be out by February 27, 2017. You can see a breakdown of all three of our deadlines, Super Saturday dates, and Admissions Decisions dates here: PT MBA Admissions Deadlines.

Julie Dellinger is the Associate Director of Part-Time MBA Admissions at the Smith School. You can contact her directly with your Admissions questions at (240) 565-2117 or