PT MBA Alumni Spotlight: Byron Corum

Byron Corum headshotMeet Byron, an alumni of the Smith Part Time MBA program! Byron graduated from the DC Weekend program in Spring 2016.

Where do you work/what do you do?
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission + Economist

Why did you choose Smith’s PT MBA program?
I felt the Smith part-time program best fit my career and personal needs.  The program is nationally recognized, so I knew the name would carry weight on my resume.  The classes fit my schedule extremely well and the DC campus was convenient to reach after work.  Also, I went to Maryland for undergrad, and was more than happy to become a double-Terp.

What was your favorite part of the Part Time MBA program?
I met many amazing people in the program. My cohort got along really well, which made coming to class enjoyable.  I learned just as much from them, as I did from assignments.

What was your goal for earning your MBA and did that goal change or stay the same through your PT MBA experience?
My primary goal was career advancement and that was a goal that I carried throughout the program.

Since graduation, how have you leveraged your MBA degree?
I’ve earned two promotions at my job, been accepted into our leadership program, and been able to lead a number of high profile projects.  I’m also using skills that I honed in the program to help with my day-to-day tasks.

What was your favorite Part Time MBA class?
I enjoyed all of the economics and leadership classes that I was able to take.  Negotiations was good as well.

Byron Corum 2

What is your favorite book?
There’s too many to name. I enjoy anything by Tom Clancy or George Pelecanos, as well as the James Bond series, and the Song of Ice and Fire Series.

What piece of advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time to when you applied for Smith’s PT MBA program?
Remember to relax a little and enjoy the experience.  I’m the type of person who naturally gives my all to every project and assignment.  I learned halfway through the program that balancing a full-time work schedule and school can quickly lead to burn out.  While it’s important to work hard, learn, and earn the grades, I found that I enjoyed the program more and my performance improved, when I learned to slow down, savor the experience, and maintain a life outside of work and school