Student Spotlight: Dawn Rathbun Looks Back at her First Semester

by Dawn Rathbun, Part Time MBA Student Ambassador, Baltimore Campus
Happy Spring Semester! My first semester as a Part Time MBA student is complete. I have taken Special Topics in Business (opening residency weekend), Managerial Economics and Public Policy, Leadership and Teamwork, Introduction to Financial Accounting, and Data Models and Decisions.
So far my favorite course has been Leadership and Teamwork. The relevance of this course laid a great framework for the start of my MBA.  I immediately was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to my current position.
I recently transitioned into a role where I manage an outsourced team. Since transitioning into my new role, I learned how to work with my team differently than I had worked with teams in the past. I got to know each of the team members so we could all have normal conversations about our lives and not just about work. We have weekly calls and occasionally meet in person. My previous teams only talked over text or email where unfortunately a lot of verbal cues were lost.
I realized that getting to know each member and having many lines of communication was important for the team to function. This was something that I always overlooked until I saw the value it brought to our conversations. I have seen a lot of improvement in the team since I transitioned to working with them.
I am convinced that some of the team’s success is due to me pursuing my MBA. I realize that most of my previous teams were set up to fail from the beginning since none of us got to know each other. Working with my peers in the MBA program has taught me that it is easier working with somebody when you build a connection with them.
Dawn Rathbun is currently a Part Time MBA student at the Baltimore campus. She also serves as a Part Time MBA Student Ambassador.

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