What Our Students Are Saying About Smith’s PTMBAA

The mission of the Part-time MBA Association (PTMBAA) is to serve as a representative, governing body for the Part Time MBA students and serve as liaisons to the administration and faculty. The PTMBAA has several key events throughout the year including: a Kickoff Tailgate, holiday party, Monte Carlo Gala, Smith’s Day of Service, as well as a variety of professional development events and networking happy hours. In addition, the PTMBAA fosters a greater sense of community within its three part-time campuses and within the larger Smith family, including better coordination with full-time students and alumni.

Source: Smith’s PTMBAA Instagram Account

Here’s what current students are saying about the PTMBAA:

The PTMBAA has facilitated events where I met students from other campus and better understood the students in my own class.  One of the main reasons I wanted my MBA from the University of Maryland is the incredible network the school offers.  The events like Salsa Dancing at Maryland Live or the Christmas Party in DC introduced me to classmates at different campuses as well as my classmate’s families – now we are more than just classmates, we are friends outside the program.  The PTMBAA provided my cohort the opportunity to organize a year-end Crab Feast to celebrate 1 year complete in the program!  Without the PTMBAA, I feel strongly that I would not know my classmates as well as I do now. The program’s network is rich with diverse personalities and it is incredible to be a part of that network. – Timothy Hartnett

Smith’s Part Time MBA Association (PTMBAA) was a defining part of my MBA experience and I found it to be unique to the Smith School of Business. Participating in the PTMBAA brought me closer to classmates I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to know and gave me the chance to grow my leadership skills in an academic setting. I particularly enjoyed interacting with the school administration on behalf of my peers to effect change and offer additional opportunities to the student body. – Jaclyn Walkins

The PTMBAA is the “special sauce” that sets the Robert H. Smith School of Business apart from other business schools. The PTMBAA provides students with a platform on which to speak, and facilitates the necessary interactions to ensure students are receiving everything they need academically, professionally, and socially. – Franklin Phillips

Smith is unique in that students are spread across three campuses. Participating in PTMBAA events is a great way to meet and engage with students from all of the other campuses outside of the classroom. We know that working full-time and earning your MBA part-time can be grueling and we try to make it as easy as possible for students to fit in all the other stuff: hanging out with friends, professional development, and making meaningful contributions to the community. I personally found my time serving as a member of the board to be incredibly rewarding as it enabled me to work closely with an amazing group of dedicated individuals as well as to help shape the Smith experience for the student body. – Amy Tram

You can learn more about the PTMBAA here!


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