How We Survived 5 Weeks Without QUEST

Article by Nicole Blahut (Q20)

For most, QUEST is more than just an academic program, but a family. To be split apart from your family can be very difficult for some. So, we talked to students and staff about how they were able to make their way through the entire winter break without QUEST.

Some students were not able to get past leaving QUEST behind.

“I did not survive 5 weeks without QUEST. I was so tired I had to use DMAIC to convince myself to get out of bed.” – Cole Parker

Some found exciting things to do to keep their mind off QUEST.

“This Winter, I decided to go back to the motherland (India), mainly to see my relatives. However, since this was the first time I’ve gone alone, I was able to do operate on my own agenda – which was a relief – and to do a lot of things I have never done, including seeing the nightlife in Mumbai! The highlights of the trip were easily getting my wisdom tooth removed for less than $20, visiting the hospital where I was born, and buying not one, but two suits.” –Manas Kulkarni

Others just simply could not go 5 weeks without QUEST. They instead met up with each other over break.

Some went snowboarding together.

“There was no better way to spend the winter than in the snow with Genevieve, Lauren, and Kenny!” –Michael Shindledecker

Some went to Israel together.

“I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share my Birthright experiences with some of my fellow QUESTees” –Ethan Schindel

Others went on an organized trip with the QUEST program to China.

“I really enjoyed the China trip. It was great spending my break with Q20 as well as getting to know other QUESTees. I really learned a lot from the class and my classmates that I couldn’t have learned from a classroom.” –Caitlin Myers

Fortunately, I was on the trip to China and had several meetings with the QAB Executive Committee and my fellow teammates in the Quality Guild so I didn’t miss QUEST.  However, I did miss having the students on campus.  I look forward to their return!” –Dr. Joseph Bailey

So, it seems for a lot of QUEST students, not even a winter break can keep them apart!

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