KPMG Takes Over the QUESTLab

Applying to the program as freshmen, we all understood that QUEST offered amazing opportunities. Recruiters promised us expert faculty, an engaging curriculum, and top-performing colleagues; however, these benefits couldn’t truly capture all that QUEST had to offer. While QUEST does offer a top academic setting, many of us find it easier to understand the program as a community. Maybe it’s the philosophy of teamwork that we are taught from day 1 at QUEST Camp, but it seems that every member of QUEST is truly invested in each other’s success. Whether it be from alumni, faculty, students, or partners, the level of support within QUEST is one of the aspects that make it truly special. That’s why it was an awesome experience to have the QUEST Lab sponsored by KPMG this February.

This February KPMG became the first sponsor of the QUEST Lab, providing sustenance and guidance to the QUEST community. As a staunch occupier of the QUEST Lab myself (one of many) it was a great treat and even relaxed some of the stress of a busy academic life. Snacks and coffee often provided the extra boost I would need to get through the day. We were also lucky to have Ms. Ford (KPMG Recruiter for the Smith School) come in twice and review our resumes. This support during February was much appreciated by students. Tom Sless (Q19) remarked, “When you are busy with tests and projects its great to have a place to recharge like the QUEST Lab.” Dave Rosen (Q18) also noted, “the support of partners like KPMG definitely boosts morale during a hectic week.”

Luckily I was able to ask Ms. Ford a few QUESTions about KPMG’s sponsorship this week:

We all are very grateful for KPMG’s sponsorship of the QUESTLab, how does it feel to be the first sponsorer ever?

We are thrilled to be the February QUESTLab Sponsor of the Month, as well as the first sponsor ever.  KPMG has enjoyed partnering with QUEST for the last few years and we look forward to future partnership.  Sponsoring the QUESTLab is just one step – we’re also looking forward to putting together a great event for the fall!

Why did KPMG decide to sponsor the QUESTLab?

KPMG has found some great candidates through the QUEST Program, as QUEST’s focus on teamwork and collaboration amongst diverse teams directly relates to qualities we look for in interns and future employees.  At KPMG we are constantly working in teams and we’ve found that QUEST students are very successful at the firm.  We are also happy to help provide an environment in the QUESTLab that fosters creativity and collaboration among students.

What are some values that KPMG holds that makes it a great fit for QUEST students?

One of KPMG’s values is “we work together.” Like QUEST, everything we do is in teams and we find that involving multiple people with diverse backgrounds results in a better work product.

How has KPMG enjoyed its QUEST employees? 

QUEST students have enjoyed great success at KPMG because of their “teaming” mindset that they bring to the firm and their ability to work with individuals across multiple disciplines.

Are there any KPMG opportunities coming up for QUEST students?

We are planning a fall event with the QUEST students in order for them to get to know more KPMG professionals and the “culture” of the firm.  Generally, KPMG is on campus on a regular basis hosting different events and partnering with different clubs and organizations. You can email KPMG recruiter Hayley Ford at if you’d like to be added to KPMG’s pipeline and informed of upcoming opportunities.  We’ll be on campus interviewing in early October for summer 2013 internships and 2013 full-time positions.


So there you have it, the QUEST Lab’s first sponsorship. Hopefully it was the first of many. On behalf of the QUEST student base I’d like to thank KPMG for its support. It was greatly appreciated.

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