Reflections on Alumni Dinner

It is often said that success is determined not by what you know, but instead who you know. Cliche perhaps, but the truth remains that networking is a critical part of success at any level. Connections you make with other students, professors, or employers today can play a crucial role in future endeavors. These networks can introduce you to helpful mentors, new career paths, and of course job offers. It is for this reason that QSO organized an alumni event at Ledo’s Pizza on October 10th.

Though the event encountered some light rainfall, the weather could not dampen the mood of those inside. Upon arrival at Ledo’s the event was already rife with discussion. Steadily, as students and alumni filled in, the noise produced by these conversations escalated, and we were asked to take our seats. Kenny Lopez (Q20), of QSO, thanked everyone for attending (with Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe playing softly in the background), and with that the event was officially underway.

Immediately the noise level escalated back up to a roar. There were a number of alumni in attendance, who where more that willing to talk about some of their experiences in the QUEST program or share an anecdote about Dr. Bailey’s bowties. As a recent entrant into the QUEST program, it was a great opportunity to meet members from different cohorts and hear their stories. I learned about my peers’ study abroad experiences, summer work in consulting firms, and even opinions about Miley Cyrus’ twerktastic performance at the VMAs. Dinner soon became an afterthought, because of the great conversations I was a having, I had almost completely ignored my food (except for that crab dip which is always a must). Great discussions are often hard to come by, but at the dinner it seemed whomever I talked to had a great story to tell.

As the noise subsided and students and alumnus began to leave, I looked around and couldn’t help but wonder what the next three years would be like; and if the alumni dinner was any indication, these three years are going to be a ton of fun.


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