Meet Q27 and Q28!

This spring, QUEST admitted its newest students into Cohorts 27 and 28. Students span from all over the Robert H. Smith School of Business, the A. James Clark School of Engineering, and the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences. While the new QUESTees come from all types of backgrounds and walks of life, they all share one thing in common: they are promising and exceptional students eager to get started on their QUEST journey. We sat down with a few new QUESTees to learn more about what makes them unique.

Zachary Azrael

Zach Azrael

Zachary Azrael

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Cohort: 27

Majors: Operations Management and Marketing

School: Robert H. Smith School of Business

Things that Keep Zach busy: SUSA Community service committee, Terp AMA, EIP Living and Learning Program, and starting a Design for America studio at UMD.

Fun Fact: In high school, Zach founded a non-profit tutoring outreach program. His program particularly mentored and tutored students in the Baltimore area that were experiencing familial incarceration.

What do you hope to gain from QUEST?

“My passion is non-profit work. Through my experience in non-profit work I have noticed a lot of inefficiencies in that sector. I’m hoping that QUEST can provide me an outlet to learn the proper tools and a new way of thinking to help me solve some of these issues.”

Message to new cohort: “I’m excited to get to know a lot of people that are a lot smarter than me!”

Future aspirations:

Zach sees himself leaving UMD and heading into the for profit sector hopefully working as a consultant for a Big 4 firm. Eventually, he hopes to gain the experience, tools, and knowledge to then venture into the non-profit arena-his true passion.

Skylar Bodt

Skylar Bodt

Skylar Bodt

Hometown: Fallston, Maryland

Cohort: 27

Major: Cell Biology and Genetics

School: CMNS

Things that keep Skylar busy: “In my spare time, I really enjoy getting outside and being active. I play sports, such as soccer, track, and horseback riding. I also love getting my hands on anything creative. I’m always painting and drawing and would love pretty much any art project you could come up with.”

Fun Fact: “I was a twelve-season athlete in high school with eleven varsity letters. I use both my left hand and my right hand when working on art projects, and I still write in traditional cursive. ”

 What about QUEST appealed most to you?

“First of all, I was very excited to be a part of an interdisciplinary program. I’m interested in learning from people in different majors with different attributes and points of view. QUEST is also focused on process improvement, which is fascinating to me. I would love to be a part of the invention of the ‘next greatest thing.'”

What do you hope to gain from QUEST?

I hope to learn more about the entire picture of the creation of a product from start to finish because I am currently only being exposed to the scientific viewpoint. I also hope to refine my presentation and promotion skills.

Future career aspirations:

In the future, I’m looking to combine my love of science with my love of art. I recently accepted an internship for biomedical illustration with the Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland. This seems like a good, informative step in determining my future direction.

Janette Yacynych

Janette Yacynych
Janette Yacynych

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland

Cohort: 28

Major: Bioengineering

School: A. James Clark School of Engineering

Things that keep Janette busy: 4 years of varsity soccer in high school, FLEXUS Living and Learning program, SEEDS Mentor, Engineers without Borders, and intramural soccer/volleyball.

Fun Fact: Because her brother is in the circus, Janette has traveled all over the world including Mexico, Canada, and England.

First impression of QUEST: “I didn’t think I would get in at all, but the program looked really interesting so I just applied and went for it!”

What do you hope to gain from QUEST?

“I’m hoping to get more background in computer science and coding as well as become better at working in teams and taking ideas from others!”

Future aspirations: Janette doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do but as of right now is in the biomedical instrumentation track and sees herself making medical devices down the road.

On behalf of the entire QUEST Community, we welcome all members of Q27 and 28! We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish!

Q27 and Q28

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