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Starting the season 4-1 and once again propelled into the college football limelight, Terrapin football has surprised most Quest students this fall semester. The resurgence has brought an almost forgotten glimmer of pride to Capital One field, and students are once again filling the bleachers on game day. However, Quest students were not as shocked to see support on another of Capital One’s fields- the QuestLab. Capital One has once again maintained its position as a top benefactor to the QuestLab. This September we’ve enjoyed coffee, bagels, sandwiches, blankets, and pens on behalf of Capital One. We even had a few of Capital One’s Quest alumni and recruiters come to help us with our resume skills.

Adam Bernstein (Q15) and Nelly Desmarattes (Q17) gloriously made their return to Van Munching, high stepping to the QuestLab couches. With them, Christina Viscusi (Recruitment) spent time talking to Quest students.

“It was so great of Capital One to sponsor QUEST for the first month back to school. It was really helpful to have them there every once in a while to give resume advice, and the pizza was a nice perk too!” – Erika Carlstrom

I managed to speak with the trio on their third visit. We spoke about how Adam and Nelly applied Quest lessons to their jobs at Capital One. Adam- an operation analyst in online servicing- spoke about how his experiences in 490 allowed him to effectively manage multiple relationships on a project, while Nelly- now working as an IT Business Systems Analyst- mentioned the advantage of her multidisciplinary background.

Speaking about favorite Quest moments, Nelly chose QuestCamp and Adam chose 190. Luckily, both Adam and Nelly have also continued to enjoy Senior Conferences, Alumni Happy Hours, and DC events.

In addition, we spoke about the one of perks of working at Capital One and being a UMD Alumni–the Capital One 50-Yard box in Byrd Stadium. Adam and Nelly have both enjoyed the view from the best seats in Byrd, and “go to more games now than they did in college.”

It was great speaking with our corporate sponsors, and hearing some stories from our alumni. For those of us that live in the QuestLab, Capital One’s gifts have been much appreciated. Anyone interested in applying to Capital One can do so through HireSmith and the Capital One website. Also, any questions can be directed to Christina.Viscusi@capitalone.com.


By Jacob Wilkowsky

Matt Henricks


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