Where Are QUEST Students Going Over Spring Break?

Every student can agree that we cannot wait for spring break! Spring break is week-long relaxation period from schoolwork, early morning wakeups, and time commitments. This week, I went around QUEST asking students what their plans are for spring break!


Roger Mao (Q29) exclaimed, “I am going to Barcelona with a friend for spring break! I am super excited to moped around the city, eat cultural foods, and of course watch the FC game! Also, on my way back to America, my friend and I are going to visit the blue lagoon in Iceland which I am psyched see!”

Jack Sturtevant (Q29) said that he’ll be visiting the Bay Area with QUEST to Silicon Valley. “I cannot wait to visit Facebook and eat some of the famous Clam Chowder and sourdough bread from Boudin. Thanks QUEST!”

Giving Back

Shanaya Mullan (Q29) explained that she is going to Houston, Texas for Harvey relief. “I am excited to help repair a community that has lost so much to this natural disaster.”


Haley Greenspan (Q29) said that she’s just hanging at home for spring break and spending time with family and friends. “I really miss my bed and home cooked meals, so I’m basically counting down the days for break to start!”

Adam Hostetter (Q29) expressed that he cannot wait for spring break! “My sister is supposed to have her baby this week so when I go home I plan on spending my time with her and my newborn nephew! I even bought him a Terp beanie-baby!”

Spring Break

Whether QUEST students are traveling somewhere cool or just taking the time to relax, everyone cannot wait for spring break!


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