QUEST Students and Alumni Meet for a Night of Bowling

By: Olivia Wolcott (Q30)

QUEST Corporate’s Bowling with Professionals Event took place on April 16th at Lucky Strike in DC.  The event consisted of casual networking between QUEST students and alumni in a fun environment. Alumni represented companies including Accenture, Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), Deloitte, UMD’s Division of Information Technology, Export-Import Bank of the United States, and Streetsense Consulting.

One alumnus stated, “I thought this was a great event. It was a fun way for alumni and students to connect, and it was based in DC which was very convenient for alumni!”

Students (including Olivia second to the left) enjoying their time bowling!

We encouraged casual conversation and didn’t have much of an agenda for the event. Of the students who responded to the feedback form, all selected that they were very satisfied with the event and added that their goal in attending was to both network with alumni and to increase interaction within the QUEST community.

Overall, it was a wonderful way for students and alumni to connect in a relaxed setting, and there was a great turnout of both students and alumni. We look forward to hosting more in the future!

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