Uniting Students and Alumni: QUEST Homecoming Tailgate 2018

The annual QUEST Homecoming Tailgate was held on Saturday, October 13, 2018. Students and alumni from different cohorts had fun eating burgers and playing cornhole, but the highlight for many of them was having the chance to interact with each other in a fun environment.

Q5 alumnus Brian Bender is the annual grill-master

QUEST Social member Megha Reddy (Q27) helped organize this year’s event. She said, “I think the reason we keep doing it every year is it’s a fun way to get alumni to come out. They’re coming to the homecoming game anyway, so it’s easy to coordinate. It’s just for fun and to get people to catch up.”

Alex Jerome (Q25) felt excited to see many students from his cohort who had graduated. He said, “There were some current students there, but obviously, I see current students all the time. I was more excited about talking to the alumni because they’re all over the place and not in College Park anymore. We had a lot of great memories together, so it was good seeing them.

With the tailgate being closer to Van Munching Hall, Reddy said there was a higher turnout than previous years. She said, “It was nice because the tailgate was around the business school and where the business fraternities were so more people could stop by.”

Ankit Sheth (Q29) stopped by QUEST’s tailgate from Phi Chi Theta’s nearby tailgate. “It was really nice to see everyone in a more laid-back manner. Everyone in QUEST is a super achiever so it was nice to see everyone step back a little bit,” he said.

Current students enjoyed catching up with recent alumni at the tailgate. “I had a great time stopping by QUEST’s homecoming tailgate! Though I showed up with members of my own cohort, the real benefit came from getting to see so many friends who had graduated,” said Jacob Lapidus (Q27).

Jerome said, “I’ve gone almost every year, and I’ve always loved going, so I’m glad I got to go again. I’m glad this is something QUEST continues to do – bringing not just current students together, but alumni as well.”

To make the day even better, the Terps beat Rutgers 34-7!

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