Winter Break: QUEST Style!

Would you rather be sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and staring out of the icy window of your snow-coated ski lodge? Or, would you prefer lounging lazily on the beach, book in hand, working on perfecting your winter-tan? I know what I would rather do – but let’s see what the QUESTees did on their winter breaks!  

Jack Sturtevant (Q29)

Jack Sturtevant, Q29, was still studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark during his winter break. Jack said, “I went to so many Christmas, or as the Danish call it Juul, markets during winter break. I remember walking down Nyhavn, Lagkagehuset cinnamon roll and tea in hand, looking around at all the colorful houses. I didn’t want to go home!”

Olivia Wolcott, Q30, went on a cruise with her family and friend to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize City, and Cozumel! “My favorite part was in Belize City where they picked us up from the cruise ship in a small boat and took us out to a tiny island called Rendezvous, which bordered a barrier reef. We went snorkeling off the coast of the island – it looked like a saltwater aquarium! I had never seen such beautiful fish or live coral in the ocean before! It was definitely a winter break to remember!”

Olivia Wolcott (Q30)

Puneeth Bikkumanla, Q29, flew home to Hyderabad, India during break and went on vacation to Bali and Singapore! “My favorite part of the vacation was Bali. What I liked most about Bali was how it was relatively untouched by technology. This allowed for some really amazing experiences such as visiting a temple on the side of a volcano, taking surf lessons, and going white-water rafting for 10kms. Back at home in Hyderabad, I reconnected with my roots by visiting historic landmarks such as the Charminar, meeting family and friends, and of course, eating lots of biryani!”

Puneeth Bikkumanla (Q29)

Garrett Allen, Q27, went to California this winter break! “My three friends and I left the cold Maryland weather for a week and flew to Carlsbad, CA, which is just on the outskirts of San Diego. We went on some beautiful hikes – the scenery was definitely my favorite part. I also had a great time surfing at the beaches.”

Garret Allen (Q27)

Dr. Bailey said, “During winter break, I went up to Massachusetts where my sister lives to spend time with my family. Also, I chaired the search committee to bring on QUEST Program Coordinator Rachel DiDonna.”

Both the faculty and students of QUEST seemed to have an eventful break! While we all enjoyed those five, worry-free weeks, it’s now back to work! Only three more weeks until spring break!

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