Cohort 33 Takes a QUEST to Camp Letts

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up the day of QUEST camp and excitedly, yet nervously, embarking on the journey to Van Munching. The tradition continues as QUEST’s newest cohort on the block, Q33, recently completed its orientation at the notorious Camp Letts. Though their day began early, students of cohort 33 were eager to get to know one another! The day started with mingling with bus buddies and quickly proceeded to finding out 190H teams… *gasp*

Ropes courses, and dancing, and improv… oh my. Apparently there was even some hypnosis in the mix! The fun-filled day of brainstorming and team-building got students acclimated to what it means to be in the QUEST community. A personal favorite of Sapna Bagalkotkar (Q33) was when her team did low ropes. “We did the activity where we put the tire on the pole, and my team literally lifted me up.” Of course, teams were able to work on their first assignment together – pilot product pitches! Each team collaborated with one another and their mentors to identify problems and create solutions in a fast-paced, but low-risk setting.

Caroline Ward (Q33) emphasized the importance of the team-based pitch, “I had a great time getting to work with my team on our first project. It was nice having a low stakes project just to see how we all functioned together, and it tied the whole purpose of camp together nicely.”

From a mentor perspective, Ankit Sheth (Q29) was excited to be at camp to help members get to know each other and the QUEST program. “QUEST has helped me find my best friends and roommates, and it’s great to see younger students starting those important relationships.“

After some meals together, cohort 33 teams delivered their (technically) first 190H presentations – their team name! Whether it be through a skit or song, there are some quite unique names in this cohort. QUEST Your Luck, QUESTy Crab, and Storm Area 33 are just some of the ones everyone will be hearing throughout 33’s 190H semester!

After more bonding and ideating, teams finalized their product pitches for Day 2. They had two minutes to present and showcase their work to all of the mentors and the Quality Guild! Their first QUEST presentation allowed them to get a feel for what it is like to give a quality presentation. Special shoutout to QUEST Day Ever for winning best pilot product!

After all they experienced together, cohort 33 returned back to campus ready to take on 190H ~ officially ~ as a cohort. With the newfound knowledge, trust and friendships they developed within such a short time, there’s no doubt that they’ll find it only gets better from here. Welcome to QUEST, Q33!

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