New Decade, New Cohort: Welcoming Q34 to QUEST

Cohort 34 at QUEST Camp/Orientation

Welcome Cohort 34!

This semester, Cohort 34 embarked on the beginning of their long and rewarding QUEST journey. The semester began with a trip to Camp Tockwogh for QUEST Camp, where Q34 members met their teams, pitched pilot products, and had some good old fashioned peer bonding. Since then, Q34 students have been hard at work on their 190H projects, following this semester’s theme of “Living.” Being in Cohort 34 myself, I was able to poll many of my peers to hear about their QUEST experiences so far! Here’s what they had to say:

Julie Hirsch

Julie Hirsch:

“My name is Julie Hirsch, and I’m from Rockville, Maryland. Though I’m currently a Mechanical Engineering major, there was a period of time that I was debating between studying business and engineering. QUEST has been great because I’m still able to learn business skills and apply my engineering coursework to business cases. It’s also given me a community of people that have similar values and encourage me to work harder. So far, my favorite memory from 190H was bonding with my team and hearing what makes each of us unique. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them, including creating products that all of us are proud of.” 

Michelle Lui, second from left, with her teammates and mentor, Shannon Donaldson (Q29)

Michelle Lui:

“My name is Michelle, and I’m currently an Information Systems and Operations Management & Business Analytics major! I heard about QUEST from my older brother, who was in Cohort 26. BMGT 190H has been unlike anything I’ve experienced so far. I love how I can spitball a brand new idea, and actually have someone who’s studying engineering or computer science lay out specifications and the technical possibilities of it. I am already learning how to consider issues from new perspectives beyond a singular business mindset. Every single topic that I learn about in class, from the principles of design to building a quality product, I know will be directly applicable to solving problems in the professional world. I can’t wait to continue growing closer to my team and all of Cohort 34! I know I’m surrounded by amazing people, and I am excited to see what all of us are going to do over the next few years.”

Dhyay, top left, with his teammates and mentor, Ari Riske (Q29)

Dhyay Bhatt: 

“My name is Dhyay Bhatt, and I’m from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I’m studying computer science here at UMD. I was initially attracted to QUEST because of its multidisciplinary nature, but also because I heard it was a lot of fun. So far, 190H has definitely held true to that! I’ve learned a lot about interview techniques, team dynamics, and design thinking, all while having fun with friends. Looking forward to the rest of the semester!”

Heather Bacon

Heather Bacon: 

“My name is Heather, and I’m majoring in Computer Engineering! I joined QUEST because I’m passionate about both business and technology and wanted to combine my interests while working on meaningful projects. QUEST has been really great so far. My favorite memory so far has been being the QUEST Lab Assistant, which has really given me the opportunity to get to know the Guild and QUESTees from other cohorts as well. This semester, I’m really looking forward to gaining applicable skills and bonding with my 190H team. Go Q34!”

Arpan Chavan:

Arpan Chavan

”Hi! My name is Arpan Chavan. I’m a sophomore majoring in Finance and Operations Management and Business Analytics, and I am from Montgomery, New Jersey. Personally, I really enjoy consulting, and QUEST seemed like a program that could really help me develop my skills. If I had to pick, my favorite QUEST memory so far has been doing improv at QUEST camp with my team, my mentor, and Dr. Armstrong! I know QUEST will help me tremendously, and I am looking forward to really improving any and all skills that I can.”

So far, it seems that all of Cohort 34 has been actively contributing to the QUEST community and learning a lot from Dr. Armstrong in 190H. I can’t wait to see where Cohort 34 goes in QUEST and beyond! 

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