QUEST Explores FinTech at Capital One HQ

The entire day, all I could think about was that it took just twenty-five years. Twenty-five years of innovation, creativity, and lots of brainpower for Capital One to become a major financial technology firm.

On February 21st, sixteen QUEST students had the opportunity to visit Capital One’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia. The day started with an overview and brief history of Capital One. We then had the chance to catch up with QUEST alumni and meet other Capital One associates. They led a panel and talked about the great aspects of rotational development programs as well as the unique things Capital One has to offer to their associates. From awesome “clubs” and opportunities to connect with leadership to a great cafeteria and gym, Capital One seems like a cool place to be.

Alumnus Eric Ding (Cohort 28) and current QUEST students at Capital One HQ

A highlight for many of the students was a simulation activity that showcased their problem-solving and teamwork skills, and if you’re David Rosenstein (Cohort 29), an amazing ability to draw numerous distribution curves in four minutes. David said, “Doing a simulation that Capital One actually uses in their interviews really made me reflect on just how much I’ve learned about teamwork and communication through QUEST courses. Hearing the recruiter comment on how electrified I got during the activity was a cherry on top of an incredible visit.”

Site visits offer an opportunity for our students to take their learning of an industry or specific corporation to a whole new level. By seeing Capital One’s HQ in person and connecting with associates, we got a true feel for what it would be like working there. 

While talking with Matt Ambrogi (Cohort 27), one of the QUEST alumni at Capital One, I asked what makes him want to take part in something like a site visit with QUEST students. He said, “I think that it’s cool that QUEST gives students opportunities like this. I wish I did more things like it when I was in school. There’s a big difference in having a hypothetical vision of a company and going and talking to everyone. It’s so beneficial!”

We closed out the day with an awesome tour of headquarters. There were spacious conference rooms, standing desks, ping pong tables, cafes, a gym, basketball courts, and many other exciting components to the workspace. 

QUEST students love the opportunity to see and explore different companies and get a chance to see the industries that they could one day end up in is really unique and eye-opening. Thank you to the Capital One recruiters and alumni for an amazing time!

If your company is interested in hosting a site visit for QUEST students, reach out to QUEST Assistant Director Jessica Roffe at

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