BMGT498K: A Course In Consulting


Following the QUEST Senior Conference many students rejoice in the accumulation of all their hard work and the completion of their project. However, some also wish to themselves that they could do it all again; retake 490H. This year that is no longer a faraway dream but a real possibility. To prepare for the increased number of projects needed after the introduction of the two-cohorts a year model, QUEST decided to offer the Capstone course again.

This Spring, QUEST will be offering a new elective BMGT498K taught by David Ashley and Dr. Nicole Coomber. Additionally, Eric Hamel be will acting as the Teaching Fellow for the course. 498K will be similar to 490 in that students will work on multidisciplinary teams to solve problems for corporate sponsors. This will allow Seniors who are not yet done with QUEST to do another project and it will allow Juniors, members of cohort 20, to get exposure to what they can expect for next year. Involving students from both Q19 and Q20 will provide a wonderful opportunity for inter-cohort learning and collaboration.

Because of the smaller size of the class, this course will offer some additional opportunities. According to Dr. Bailey, this class will include a number of site visits to locations such as the Verizon Center, Accenture, and Excella Consulting. This will provide students with an opportunity to learn more about consulting while sharpening skills related to presentations and professionalism.

Some potential companies students can expect to work with through signing up for this course are ATK, BD, Lockheed Martin, and Spectrum Foods.

This course will be offered Tuesdays from 5:00 to 7:40. Students are strongly encouraged to register now and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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