Keeping Up With Their Capstone

It’s safe to say that life is a bit upside down for everyone right now. But Cohort 31 gets a special shout out for transitioning online during their QUEST capstone course, 490H. Despite some obstacles and adjustments, they have knocked it out of the park and completed their capstone projects. The QUEST community is extremely proud and excited to showcase all of Cohort 31’s hard work! The beauty of things changing so drastically is that we all have had to get a bit more creative on how we go about everything. Here is how 490H has been creative throughout the semester:

Virtual Status Updates were held via Zoom on April 15th

Cohort 31 students had a chance to talk with eight QUEST alumni who hopped on Zoom and provided the teams with feedback. An added perk was that alumni were able to join from all over the country and ranged from Cohort 3 to Cohort 26.

Most Outstanding Capstone Voting

21 alumni reviewed final presentations and voted for the “Most Outstanding Capstone” of Cohort 31. To put things into perspective, typically only about five alumni are able to come in person. We thank all of the alumni who volunteered this year – it was a tight race!

Poster Prints

Keep an eye out for Cohort 31’s posters all around the QUEST lab next semester. They were still completed and will be printed for everyone to see!

Virtual Poster Presentations

Cohort 31 participated in a virtual poster presentation on May 7th for families, clients, professors, and the cohort to formally present and celebrate the end-products of a semester of long hours on Zoom and grit.

Virtual Celebration

Last but not least, alumnus Danny Laurence (Cohort 19) has built a brand new website to virtually display Cohort 31’s capstone projects. Visit to check out all of Cohort 31’s capstone project presentations and posters. Congratulations, Cohort 31!

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