2011 Senior Conference Projects

Article by Sophia Wu (Q18)

Members of "Solar Solutions" discuss their storyboard with fellow students

Amazing food, family and friends, and the light buzz of pleasant conversation.  Sounds like a party you’d like to attend, right? Well, this party is none other than the famous QUEST Senior Conference. Whether they are a QUEST corporate partner, an alumnus, or a current student, the Senior Conference is always an occasion everyone looks forward to. Each fall, the QUEST community comes together to celebrate the accomplishments of their senior QUEST students and to hear about their semester-long consulting projects.

Last fall, the students of Cohort 17 were split into 12 teams and worked with a multitude of QUEST’s professional partners, including: ATK Missiles Projects Group, ATR, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bowles Fluidics, ezStorage, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Time Warner Cable and Unilever. Each team worked with these clients to provide recommendations for different areas of their company.

ATK Missiles Project Group Interception To reduce the cost of product production by 20-25% while meeting expectations of potential customers.
Space Ventures To assist ATK expand into commercial markets through the creation of a competitive advantage.
ATR Solar Solutions To identify methods to successfully penetrate the residential market with efficient solar energy solutions.
Booz Allen Hamilton Terraficiency To decrease the amount of time spent on two different program health reports by developing a one-time data entry process for both reports.
Bowles Fluidics H2Optimized To determine the most optimal packaging container for Bowles’ current internal shipping process.
ezStorage eZential Capital To create a revenue management system aimed to maximize revenue in ezStorage’s facilities.
Lockheed Martin LM United To create a supply chain metric tool that would improve communication and organizational performance between Lockheed Martin’s different repair depots.
 SAIC  Secure Solutions To create a web portal that will help develop a better community throughout Maryland by keeping the Cybersecurity workforce updated about important information.
A.I.deas To determine whether a machine can identify specific ideas within an article and use them to predict impending financial crisis.
Time Warner Cable OptimalQ To adapt TWC’s current internal processes to a new content management system and provide a 5-year vision to increase the value of RoadRunner.com to its consumers.
Unilever Perfect Spread To improve customer satisfaction of Unilever’s soft spreads by reducing the number of complaints related to foreign material.
ECOnomic To assist Unilever in their goal to expand their business while being environmentally friendly by identifying methods of energy conservation.

With the completion of these great projects, Cohort 17 has once again proven that the QUEST community is indeed made up of the best of the best. Congratulations Cohort 17, and good luck with the rest of your endeavors!

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