Student Profile- QSO Special Edition

Article by Dathan Scott (Q18)

Cohort 19 Champion- MEENU SINGH (Q19)

Meenu was one of four people on QSO to go to Brazil this past winter, which included taking lots of pictures and going hang-gliding! Ask and she would be happy to tell you about her adventures in the favelas of Brazil and shopping spree in Rio.

Around UMD, Meenu is involved with several organizations; she is a Public Relations Officer for RHA, a campus tour guide for Maryland Images, and a trip leader for alternative breaks. Important facts to note about her are that her favorite color is turquoise and she despises odd numbers, but her favorite number is 9, oddly enough. Meenu always keeps things fun for the rest of the board, and works extra hard to make everything that she does successful. Some might be wondering what Meenu loves the most. Well I asked and her answer was, “I love running, reading, field hockey, writing, and terrible puns. In fact, I once submitted ten puns to a pun contest, hoping one would win…but unfortunately, no pun in ten did.”

A Civil Engineering major minoring in Philosophy here at the university, she aspires to unite the entire QUEST community. Her primary goal for this year as Cohort 19 Champion is to make this year exciting, fun, and full of memories that will enhance everyone’s experience involved with QUEST.


Engineering School Champion- ADITYA SRIDHAR (Q19)

Born and raised in India until the age of 13, Aditya is very involved in the campus community: he is a double major in Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering and works as an Office Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and a Clark Ambassador for the Clark Engineering School. When describing himself, Aditya said, “I used to love playing cricket, but in the last 5 years I have been playing a lot of golf. I also have aspirations to one day play for the Maryland Terrapins Basketball Team, but I hate going to the gym. It’s a nice thought to have, though.” Getting to know him, you quickly figure out that he is a great person to have conversations with. In fact, Aditya usually calls upon his past experience of being chased by a wild elephant to break the ice to start a conversation. Want to know more about Aditya? Well, he’s also a great cook!

His experience in QUEST has been amazing so far, and he has many bright ideas for QSO 2012. He is working on strengthening the presence of the Engineering School within QUEST, hoping to develop a mentoring system to help other engineering students during Keystone hours. I recommend just talking to him because he is a pretty cool guy with a promising future. He has built a great network from interning at BGE during the summer and winter. Be on the lookout, world!


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