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The Woman Behind the Blog

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Come meet me and a smattering of RHSmith students and staff at  the QS World MBA Tour in Washington, DC.

I will be the woman with curly hair and a red wrinkled polo (hey – i am a busy student).

The event information is as follows:

National Building Museum (close to Gallery Place and Judiciary Square metro stops)
401 F Street NW
Washington, DC

Thursday, September 24@ 5pm-9pm

Event information (including a list of participating schools):


Let the Games Begin

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So the jub hunt is officially on. Two weekends ago I made a trip to NYC for the Asian MBA Career Fair, the first annual in fact. It was a really good practice to get back into the swing of things and telling people my “pitch.” However it definitely was overwhelming to see the enormous amount of attendees, which I think is expected considering the way the job market is. I think (or at least hope) that I had some great conversations but it was a good kick in my butt to remind me not to loose sight of all the effort I need to put forth for my job search. Then tonight I went to a really interesting session from GE to the students about the ECLP (Experienced Commercial Leadership Program) that they are looking to recruit for. It is really inspiring to see so many Smith Alumni as successful graduates of the GE ECLP. There were so many qualified second years (and first years) there so I know the competition will be stiff since Smith is full of lots of intelligent and competent students. I think being positive and having lots of energy throughout the entire job searching proccess is not only the way to survive but crucial to landing a job.


New Year and New Beginnings

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The second year of my MBA experience just began about a week ago and I keep asking myself “Where did my summer vacation go?” Well I can not avoid it any longer -it is officially time to start classes, hit the books, reconnect with classmates and think about the job search. Last Wednesday is when classes officially started for us but I call that “syllabus week” because the first physical class of every course we take tends to be more of an overview of the course, syllabus and professor’s expectations. This week went by so quickly since my days were filled with classes and lots of meetings already, eek. All of my friends and I are club leaders and we have all been feverishly trying to organize the club kick-off meetings. It is so important for us to recruit lots of new members to our clubs and convince all the first years that not only should they join our clubs, but that we want them to get involved and take on leadership roles as well. I am on board for two clubs, the JMBAA (Jewish MBA Association) and the GMA (Graduate Marketing Association) and I am really looking forward to getting the planning and events started because I have so many ideas as to how to make this year for my clubs even better than last year.

Last night after a nice week of classes (I really am looking forward to all my classes this semester, by the way), some first year students planned a happy hour event in DC for some one’s birthday. It was a really great time. So many people came out, men and women from both the class of 2011 and 2010. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of being in school is meeting all the great people that attend Smith. It was so nice to see all my classmates and enjoy some down time just catching up about our summers and internships. I really had a blast talking to first year students about their first week and recalling how frazzled I was last year. I am amazed at how much I experienced last year and that I actually survived my finance class. This year, who knows that challenges I will overcome!

Until next time.