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The Amazing Case Race

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So it is the time of the year that the Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) is having our yearly case competition. As the VP of Career Development on the GMA executive board, I have been very involved this year in planning and organizing the competition. I was able to have a local start-up (online based) company to participate in the event this year and it is a really great company that has grown tremendously in the past few years. The company presented a key business issue they are having within the marketing department and tasked the first year students of the GMA to form teams of 3-4 and submit a case proposal in two weeks time for the first round. The second round will consist of the finalists presenting their ideas to a panel of judges made up of the company’s marketing team members, where the winning team will be chosen. The case competition will provide the first year students with an experience that will challenge them and help them grow as future business leaders.

We finally received the submissions from all the teams on Friday and I can not wait to see the CMO’s reaction to all the great proposed solutions. This week we will be able to release the finalists and let them prepare for presentations next Monday. It should be a great competition!

This week is also finals week for the half- semester classes and midterm week for some of the full semester classes. I am lucky because most of my final presentations and papers were due last week so this week I get to relax a bit and play catch-up on my job search. Then I start two new classes a week from today…

PS- Less than two weeks until I leave for Disneyland to for the National Association of Women MBAs conference!


I'm Goin' to Disneyland!

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So the NAWMBA (national association of women MBAs) conference is in Anaheim, California and at the Disneyland Resort! There is no better reason to see Mickey than to spend a weekend away in Cali with the girls while also looking for a job at the career fair. My tickets finally came in the mail the other day and I am so pumped for the trip. Did I mention it is Halloween weekend? What a great weekend to just leave all worries behind and enjoy being a kid for a bit.

This weekend I am in the Poconos for a wedding. It is not the best time to be away considering all the group assignments and papers due next week, but that is the life of a student. It really is all a balancing act. It will be nice to just get away from DC and the serious life of a student. the best thing to do sometimes is to get away and enjoy yourself. I really think that giving yourself some time to relax or kick back makes you a better student when you come back. It is so important to make sure you are not getting burned out and really take time to do things every once in a while you enjoy, even if it i just a nice run on a fall day.

Seacrest out.


Need Some Cheese to Go with My Whine

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Well, it is officially fall and the A term (first half of fall semester) is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. My last few weeks have been non stop with assigments and schoolwork, I forget I am even a second year. I thought first year was supposed to be difficult and second year a breeze. Well, apparently I was misinformed because this year is busy but in different ways than last year. Eventhough I might complain that is a hard knock life (little Jay-Z reference for you hip-hop music fans or Annie reference for your broadway show tune lovers), I am still happy I came back to school. I do not have any regrets about going back to school now or even the school I chose. I don’t think B-school is meant to be easy but when you are in the thick of things it is hard to remember why you came back AND that it really is only a 2 year investment that will hopefully propel your career inĀ  a way that you could not achieve before.

Speaking of whine/wine, one of my wonderful classmates planned a winery tour of Virginia on Saturday and invited all the first and second year students. I think after all this work, I need a nice relaxing Saturday in the vineyards of VA. It should be a fun event and hopefully a great change for the 20 or so people that signed up to bond a little. I will chalk this event up to working on my “networking” skills.

Happy Friday to all!