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It's Raining Women

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First of all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you are feeling as full as I am. My family apparently does not believe in a low fat Thanksgiving, since my cousin cooks not one, not two, but yes folks THREE types of fried turkey. Needless to say, gorging myself on Thursday was totally delicious and worth it! (take that, snug pants)

This week I am gearing up for a really exciting event that I am helping to put together for prospective Women MBA students. On Saturday December 5th, 2009 at 9:30am, all female prospective full-time MBA students are welcome to attend the Robert H. Smith Women & the MBA Workshop. The event is sponsored by the Smith Association of Women MBAs, one of the great clubs we have here at Smith.  See below for my little marketing blurb about the event as well as the link to the page where you can sign up for the event:

As a professional woman, you work hard to achieve great success in a man’s business world. If you are considering taking your career to the next level, a Robert H. Smith School of Business MBA will take you there. We know that researching business school programs can be overwhelming with your busy life, so we have tailored a special event for you to understand how the Smith MBA program is suited to fit your needs.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Joyce Russell, a professor at the Smith MBA program, will be discussing the importance of Taking Charge of your Career: Negotiation Strategies for Women. Dr. Russell is a licensed Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and has over 20 years of experience consulting with both private and public sector organizations. Her expertise is primarily in the areas of leadership and management development, negotiation tactics, executive coaching, training, career development, and work teams.

Other exciting opportunities you will have at the workshop include:

•Listening and asking questions to a panel of women students and alumni about the myths of being in the business world, especially as a woman.

•Learning about the unique business education and community that are both offered through the Smith MBA program.

•Meeting and networking with other prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty and staff during breakfast and lunch as well as throughout the day.

Hope to see you all there!


Be the Change You Want to See in the Business World

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NI 09

Last weekend I made the smart decision of attending this year’s Net Impact Conference appropriately labeled as the conference for Changemakers, Innovators and Problem Solvers. The conference was hosted by the Johnson School of Business at Cornell University and it was a two day event that was kicked off Friday (11/13/09). A pretty good indication of the quality of content and speakers that were going to be at the conference became evident when I found out that Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, would be the keynote speaker on Friday morning.

The Office of Career Services helped to provide a bus for all the 20 or so of us students that decided to go to the conference. The bus ride up set the mood for a great weekend as it there was a buzz of excitement on the bus as we watched a movie and shared in some boxed (only the best quality for us MBA students) wine and beer. We got to cold Ithaca, NY late on Thursday night but we still have enough energy to soak up the local culture by finding a nice bar close to our Super8 Motel (another indication that we are debt-filled students). Who could resist $4 cosmos at Felica’s Atomic Lounge.

Early rise and shine for us all as we headed to Cornell to see Mr. Immelt’s inspiring speech about what GE does for innovation in energy and how policy is going to change. Some of us (me and my friend who waited for me to get ready) missed the Smith bus shuttle to campus…but we still made it in time to see most of the speech! For breakout session number 1, I attended a panel of J&J employees about the Johnson & Johnson credo since the beginning of the company to be cognizant of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and providing products that keep the consumer and the environment healthy. I loved every minute of the panel because J&J is a company I have really admire for years now because of not only their portfolio of consumer and pharmaceutical products, but also because of their history as a company that is trying to satisfy consumer needs in a responsible way. There were many more interesting sessions that taught me many new things, especially since I am a novice in terms of my education in this arena. Actually, the main reason I wanted to go to the ’09 Net Impact Conference was to learn while immersing myself in the language of CSR and green products.

Friday night about 20 of us representing Smith went out to a Thai restaurant in Ithaca and those types of moments where we are all laughing over a few beers and some spicy Thai food really are my favorite parts about these conferences. It was a great weekend to get to know some of the first year kids (even though most are older than me) and create more fun and ridiculous memories with my fellow second years. Something I forgot to mention is that I ended up begin the only female second year so of course while it was a lot of fun; I was the target for many jokes throughout the weekend. Yet, please don’t have pity on me because I dish the jokes just as much as I can take them.

Well, now it is a week later and I find myself this weekend in Philly for a good friends wedding. See, the life of an MBA student can be just so busy sometimes and a shock when you realize how much more so than you remember in college. This is all an art that I am still learning to perfect of the balance between the real adult world and the bubble world and responsibilities of being a student.

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East Meets West: Smith MBA Takes me From India to Cali

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Last week the international club sponsored Smith’s very own celebration of Dwali Night, which I learned last year is the festival of lights in India. It was, as expected, a great night where MBA full timers took the night to celebrate an Indian tradition with our fellow classmates who can teach us about their culture and holidays. With 30% international students within the full-time MBA program at Smith, there is always an opportunity to learn and experience someone else’s cultural background. There was great food (a bit spicy, though), dancing and even singing from some of the students who I never knew had beautiful voices. I had to leave a bit early to meet a friend who was visiting me in DC, but let me assure you it was no easy feat tearing myself away from the event because it truly was a great time.

Since a week ago I took a mental journey to India during Diwali Night, this week I physically ventured to West Coast of the USA to Anaheim, California. About 12 member of Smith Association of Women MBA’s traveled to the yearly conference for the National Association for Women MBA’s (NAWMBA)and I was more than happy to make the trip to this year’s conference location: Disneyland, CA. We all arrived Thursday night and enjoyed a welcome reception for all the student and professional NAWMBA attendees.  Friday night I really spent the majority of the day at the career fair and even made it to a speaker workshop session. Networking can be exhausting so my fellow classmates and I headed back to hotel for a quick nap and to get ready before the evening reception and twilight Disneyland park pass all provided by a corporate sponsor. Saturday some of us really tried to take advantage of the great weather and location by spending most of the day in the Disneyland Park. We really enjoyed ourselves and I think it was a great reward for all our hard work at the career fair and on our interviews.  I am sitting in the airport right now and cannot believe this great weekend full of networking, professional growth and lots of fun has come to an end. But I am really more than glad, both professionally and personally, I decided to make the trip out to the 2009 NAWMBA conference.


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