Insert Back to Class Cliche Quote Here

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Personally, I enjoy having “Back to School” from the beginning of Grease 2 being played in my head as I return to classes. This is a monumental beginning of a semester since it is my LAST semester as part of my MBA degree program. I really want to take the advice of some of class of 2009 by soaking it all in and not letting the last bit of grad school go by too fast. I am only taking 10 credits and mostly marketing related classes so that I can enjoy my classes as well as have enough time to make sure I am spending time with my fellow classmates.

Anyway, as syllabus is winding down I cant stop thinking about my great 5 week winter break. I enjoyed some time in DC, NY and then I went Park City, Utah for a week of skiing and fun with the family. I wish I was still out west skiing, but it is time to get back to reality and get back into the swing of school, my GA,¬† and looking for a full-time job. But for the time being, enjoy this small visual interruption from¬† my trip to Park City…

park city, UT

ski slopes