DC Livin, CP Learnin

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I was recently asked to put together a short video highlighting some of the benefits of living in Washington and going to school in College Park.  Scorsese I’m not.  This was easily the most creative thing I’ve done since I made that hand turkey in 2nd grade.

hand turkey

.....I got a B-

I spent six years living in Boston before deciding to come back to school.  During that time I got used to easy access to amenities like great restaurants, bars, concert venues, and museums.  I remember comparing all of the non-academic attributes of each MBA program I was applying to and realizing Smith was pretty much the only one on my list that would allow me to live in a major city and go to school in a “college town.”  It’s like having the best of both worlds separated by a short 8.1 miles.


On a Thursday after class I can just as easily find myself raising a $1 draft at any of the fine Route 1 establishments in College Park as I can back downtown drinking the newest cask beer on tap across the street from my apartment at Church Key.   Prior to starting my MBA I thought that living in DC would keep me disconnected from my classmates.  I’ve found it to be quite the opposite.  College Park’s proximity to the Metro makes getting into DC a breeze and there is a pretty good number of classmates who also chose to live in and around DC.  When I mooch a ride out to school from a classmate the trip takes 20 minutes tops.  If I hoof it up to the Green Line I’m about 40 minutes door to door counting the walk, metro and shuttle bus to campus.  Either way you slice it it’s virtually empty roads or metro cars due to the reverse commute out of the city.

While nothing beats a fall afternoon tailgating for a Terps football game or heading over to the Comcast Center to watch some ACC basketball, it’s still nice to have the separation of where I “work” and where I live.  After a long day holed up in a case room it helps to have the train ride home to decompress (or read tomorrow’s case….or fall asleep and wake up 2 stations past your stop).