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Back from Spring Break…

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I just got back from what I’ve been calling “my last spring break ever.” It sounds a little dramatic, but in all likelihood it’s a true statement. I don’t really plan on getting any additional formal education, so this was my last spring break ever! I do think that all corporations should institute spring break for employees though…I may become a strong advocate for that once I’ve made my mark in my company. ūüėČ

So, because it was my last spring break ever, I HAD to make sure I enjoyed myself! Consequently, I found myself in beautiful…warm…sunny….MIAMI! My fellow classmate and I had a blast!

Although we did spend most of our days on the beach and our nights enjoying all that Miami nightlife has to offer, we managed to sprinkle in some cultural…semi-educational activities too. We are such good students!


Vizkaya Museum and Gardens

Checking out the Romero Britto Gallery on Lincoln Road

So now it’s back to reality- rainy, cold weather and…school. Term D= 4 new classes for me (How did I let that happen??). But at least now, I can really see that light at the end of the tunnel…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…. (I could go on.) The point is- I’m GRADUATING! That’s crazy…. Soon, I’ll have my MBA. Only 7 weeks to go….


You’ve never seen a dog park like this.

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The term is winding down and I am SO READY for spring break! My classmate and I are heading down to Miami for a few days- I cannot wait! So…. because this is the last week of classes, there are tons of presentations going on. Yours truly just finished her one and only presentation and I have to say…I’m very proud of my team!

For my New Product Development class, we had to take a concept through the entire product development process. My group chose to do a dog park concept called The Barking Bean.¬† The project was a lot of work, in a short amount of time, but looking back- I think it was worthwhile. Steps in the process included consumer depth interviews, a conjoint analysis, development of a core benefit proposition, market analysis, financial forecasting, etc. Like I said…a lot.

The Barking Bean is “the ultimate park for dogs and their best friends.” It offers amenities like an agility course for dogs, partitioned areas for smaller dogs, heat lamps and other weather protection elements, and superior landscaping. The biggest point of difference in our product is the adjoining coffeehouse for owners and the planned social activities that would be held at the park. The main idea is that we cater to the needs of owners just as much as we do dogs.¬† Here’s a look at the “prototype” I developed in powerpoint to show the class our idea. This took forever!!!

I might just buy a dog just to go to this park if it existed! Tomorrow in class, I get to relax and watch the second half of the presentations.  I love being done!


Black History Month Celebration

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Last week, my club- the Smith Black MBA Association, hosted a celebration in honor of Black History Month. It was so much fun! I have to say, the most exciting part of the event was the FOOD! Yummy! I love trying food from different cultures. We had foods from Jamaica, Cuba, Africa, and of course America to honor the African Diaspora.

The entertainment was excellent as well- we had a step performance by a UMD fraternity, singing of the Black National Anthem, and one of the first year Black MBA members played the flugelhorn to honor African-Americans in Jazz history.

All in all, it was stressful getting everything together, but it was worth it to be able to share some of my culture with the Smith community. Good times!

Here’s a link to my article about the event for Smith’s Latest News:¬†¬†