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2011 Bradford Banquet

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Last week, the Black and Hispanic MBA Associations hosted the 18th Annual William D. Bradford Minority Awards Banquet. Every year, approximately 100 students, faculty, staff, and corporate representatives come together to celebrate diversity and honor the legacy of one of Smith’s former deans- William Bradford. Also, the event is officially the last duty of both Presidents for the Black and Hispanic MBA Associations….meaning, I’m done!

I was a part of the event last year because I was the incoming President for the Black MBA Association. This year, the entire event was my responsibility as the acting President of my club. Boy….what a difference. Planning the event was stressful to say the least. Not only did we need to secure corporate sponsors to pay for the event, we had to ensure that everything went off without any problems, as the reputation of the school would be on the line. Not to mention, the Dean and other high profile guests would be in attendance.  I did, of course, have the help of the Hispanic MBA Association President, along with the board members from both of our clubs. The problem was that the banquet comes along just as school work picks up- you can imagine the challenge of having to keep a set of students dedicated to working on an event when they have papers to write and presentations to give. A lesson in human capital management I suppose…


All in all, I’m glad the event was a success. I heard from more than a few people that they were able to make some valuable connections with key individuals in attendance. And now that I have officially handed over my presidency, I have a little bit more free time on my hands. I’ll take all I can get right now!