Back from Spring Break…

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I just got back from what I’ve been calling “my last spring break ever.” It sounds a little dramatic, but in all likelihood it’s a true statement. I don’t really plan on getting any additional formal education, so this was my last spring break ever! I do think that all corporations should institute spring break for employees though…I may become a strong advocate for that once I’ve made my mark in my company. 😉

So, because it was my last spring break ever, I HAD to make sure I enjoyed myself! Consequently, I found myself in beautiful…warm…sunny….MIAMI! My fellow classmate and I had a blast!

Although we did spend most of our days on the beach and our nights enjoying all that Miami nightlife has to offer, we managed to sprinkle in some cultural…semi-educational activities too. We are such good students!


Vizkaya Museum and Gardens

Checking out the Romero Britto Gallery on Lincoln Road

So now it’s back to reality- rainy, cold weather and…school. Term D= 4 new classes for me (How did I let that happen??). But at least now, I can really see that light at the end of the tunnel…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…. (I could go on.) The point is- I’m GRADUATING! That’s crazy…. Soon, I’ll have my MBA. Only 7 weeks to go….