Sep 152014

Hi there!

I’m a first year full time MBA candidate at the Smith School of Business, and at the outset, I’d like to thank you for agreeing to read this. We just got done with two weeks of orientation, and though I don’t exactly know who you are yet, I feel like I’ve known you for a while. In fact, between career coaches, networking sessions, cover letters, and recruitment panels, we have discussed you in such fascinating detail, you might actually find it very flattering (or creepy, depending on how sensitive you are to attention).

For instance, I do know, for a fact, that you like listening to stories. You have probably heard stories of all shapes and sizes, natures and motivations. But sometimes, and I’m being a bit speculative here, I think you might be at a particular disadvantage, because the anecdotes that come your way might be perfectly practiced SAR aligned gems, which is not to say that they aren’t important or significant. But as most of my classmates will agree, they don’t always truly reflect us in our entirety.

So as we start our journey here, at business school, one part excitement and two parts awe, I’d like to invite you for the ride. What are the benefits of accepting this invitation? An upfront and center look at how MBA’s navigate their lives, a glimpse into the stories that really shape us, and a preview of all the little things we do to make you happy (for that warm fuzzy feeling you know you like).

Dr K, our MD of the Office of Career Services, told us that if we ask you for advice, you will give us a job. In the true spirit of building a real and honest connection, I just wanted to say, we are on to you.

And with that, dear employer, I sign off. My next letter will talk about a real problem some of us face in the US – The only vegetarian food here is alcohol.

Until next time.