Oct 062014

Dear future employer,

Almost every team out there wants to attract candidates who are creative. Creativity implies thinking out of the box, finding solutions that change the way a problem is viewed, and by and large, thinking of things that nobody else really thought of (or thought of 5 seconds later).

A classroom full of the best and brightest, like the one we have here at Smith, is almost like a mass racquet ball court of creativity on overdrive; so many ideas are bouncing off the wall, you might get a whiplash just keeping track. Now I know that you, as a prospective employer, want to always find yourself in such a space. A room full of the most creative people from around the world? Who wouldn’t want to set up camp there! And for the record, that’s exactly what we want as well, so I’m glad we are on the same page.

But here’s the thing. When we aren’t wearing our business suits and circulating firm handshakes, some of us might surprise you with how resourceful we can be. While each of us face our own seemingly mundane challenges, I’d like to touch upon a specific challenge I and a few classmates of mine have been facing – finding vegetarian food. It’s usually the last dish on the table, laid almost as an afterthought. It’s the one with the pity greens, sparse corn, and hesitant dressing of vinegar. It’s the one that’s usually lined with a confused looking international student or two.

Now there’s something to be said about the human capacity to feel sorry for oneself. After a couple of weeks of ponderously poking the thankless lettuce on your plate, it caps. Hunger has darkened the corridors of your happiness, and something needs to be done! So, with limited time and skill (in cooking), creativity takes the center stage.

From explaining to the baffled lady behind the Taco Bell counter what ‘no meat’, ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’ entails, collecting a dish or two from three different community lunches across campus to amass an entire meal, drinking alcohol to meet daily calorific requirements to getting artistic with the fruit options at Whole Foods, vegetarians are pioneering the way in gastronomic creativity. We can make fruity cocktails sound like a health drink.

So here we are – MBA candidates who are gritty idea generators, have an eye for opportunity, have high endurance levels, and can make cutesy dishes with fruit.

Until next time,


MBA Candidate 2016