Jan 272015

Dear Future Employer

After a long and much needed winter break, we are back to our second semester. As we close a splendid year, it might bode us well to reflect on the lessons learnt and the way forward. Somewhere between deciding whether or not to venture into a finance elective and puzzling over the relevance of snow days in Maryland, we suddenly find ourselves a step closer to the destination. As the summer looms suspiciously ahead, there are only two things on our minds – internships and whether our Accounting Professor is going to cold call us tomorrow.

Talking of internships, there are really just two types of interviews out there as MBA students see it – the mock interview and the this-is-not-a-mock-interview. The latter, of course, is conducted by you. It is pleasing to note that around 12% of the first year class has received offers for internships already, while the rest of us are in various stages of preparation, application, interviewing and losing our minds. But I think most unanimously agree that just a semester of classes has taught us to think (or start thinking) like managers, entrepreneurs and analysts. It’s exciting to contemplate how the coming semester and the ones beyond will broaden and deepen our understanding of business.

We will continue to correspond about internships, as it seems to be the appropriate season to do so. In the meanwhile, wish us luck with tomorrow’s accounting class.


MBA Candidate 2016

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